The Grossest Pimple Popping Ever Recorded Is Strangely Satisfying.

The Grossest Pimple Popping Ever Recorded Is Strangely Satisfying. June 7, 2019

Sometimes you need girlfriends to help you navigate through problems. Sometimes having a friend makes whatever difficulty you are going through a little easier to manage. Plus when you have your besties by your side you know you are going to cry, laugh, and repeat. Leave to these women to come together to help their friend deal with a monster pimple. With these women around, the pimple didn’t stand a chance.One of the women had a massive pimple, causing a lot discomfort.

Or she could have very well been terrified at her girlfriends’ idea of just getting rid of the pimple there and then.

Two folded tissue were placed around the gigantic pimple.

Almost immediately the pus began to squirt out.

Although this growth looks more like a cyst than a pimple.

Gloves were not worn and they did not sanitize the area.

the woman goes back to the cyst and pushes more gooey stuff out.

These may have been loyal friends but that doesn’t mean they were not grossed out.

One can even be heard trying not to hurl.

As the pus flows out of her body like a waterfall, there is no cleaning alcohol or gauze to clean up the mess.

The woman’s cyst was located on her the side of her right torso.

The original video is about two and a half minutes long.

But a new shortened version has been released making this woman’s cyst infamous.

But for a video to go viral again is pretty impressive.

Nonetheless, if by any chance you do allow them to, “operate” on you, make sure you get it on camera.

->**Please note this video is not for the faint of heart.**<-

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