Look At Your Favorite Doctors From ‘ER’ Then And Now.

Look At Your Favorite Doctors From ‘ER’ Then And Now. August 5, 2018

For 15 years, the personal drama and medical turmoil of Chicago’s County General kept us captivated each and every Thursday night. ER wasn’t just a show, it was an institution: Casual TV-lovers were into it because of the romantic and personal chaos on the show, and folks who loved medical television simply couldn’t get over the accuracy of the procedures in the hospital. Long story short, ER was the best medical drama of all time (Sorry, Grey’s Anatomy), and it’s been seven years since we’ve caught up with anyone from County General — and even longer for our favorite characters who left the show before it ended. Find out what happened to Dr. Doug Ross, Dr. Mark Green, and nurse Carol Hathaway (not to mention a few other fan-favorites) below.

Played by Anthony Edwards, we all wept openly when his character, Dr. Mark Greene, died of a brain tumor. Coincidentally, ER’s great ratings started to drop after he left the show.

After that, he spent his time trying to build a film career. He actually reprised the character of Dr. Mark Greene in 2008, for a flashback sequence in the last season of the show.

George Clooney was the smoking hot doctor that wasn’t on the show for very long, but also made a huge impact.

Actor, director, writer, activist, stone cold fox and all-around cool dude, Clooney is still one of the highest paid actors in the game.

Boyish Noah Wyle was the reason people went crazy for this character, and he had plenty of dramatic moments on the show.

Back then, he earned $400,000 an episode. He’s been involved in a lot of projects since, and he can now be seen as Flynn Carsen on The Librarians.

She was the practical foil to the other doctors’ wild approaches. She actually took a long five-year break before returning to the show in 2001.

Stringfield has made appearances in Law & Order, Curb Your Enthusiasm and CSI, amongst others.

She played Nurse Carol Hathaway, curly-haired badass and love interest of Dr. Doug Ross.

However, her major starring role came when she was cast on The Good Wife, which has become a huge hit.

In 2005 he stepped away from the cameras to make a career change as a writer, and he’s been there ever since.

He’s released several books under his name over the years. But in 2015 he decided to make a triumphant return to acting in the series Under the Dome.

Everyone remembers the moment Lucy was murdered in the hospital on the show, and it’s gone down in history as one of the series most shocking moments.

Apparently, she’s a pretty talented voice actor. She played multiple characters on Powerpuff Girls and has acted in a ton of TV movies.

She played one of the nurses for 10 years — multiple love interests, lots of turmoil, and plenty of hospital drama.

Most recently, she’s been giving us an excellent performance as Helen on the Showtime drama The Affair.

Now all we can do is look forward to the day when we can binge-watch the drama at County General on Netflix.