10 Etiquette Habits Most People Have Forgotten.

10 Etiquette Habits Most People Have Forgotten. April 23, 2021

Most people assume that having good manners is as simple as not being rude to others, but there’s more to it than that. We all have bad habits that have become so common many of us don’t even realize we’re doing it. But with practice, we can curb these subconscious behaviors. However, there’s more to being mannerly than holding the door for someone. You have to be warm, genuine and fully committed to being considerate to others in any setting. So here are some etiquette rules that should be observed at all times if you want people to continue seeing you as well-mannered.Maybe you didn’t eat as much as your friends so you find it unfair that they would make you split the bill. But since you’re spending precious time with your friends, it’s always better to split the bill evenly without causing drama.

Don’t take a selfie in a restroom, near accidents or in a dangerous situation. These make you look cruel, insensitive and bad mannered. And if you want to take a selfie with someone like a celebrity, it’s good etiquette to ask for permission first, even if the person is your friend.

If you blow your nose really loud, don’t do it in a public place, like when you’re at a dining table. Go to the restroom and do it there. But don’t forget to wash your hands afterward. If possible use a handkerchief instead of paper tissue to blow your nose.

Don’t use a toothpick at the table. Try swishing water in your mouth without being too obvious. If that doesn’t work, then go to the restroom and take care of it. If you see that a friend or dinner guest has something on their teeth, let them know without drawing too much attention or embarrassing them.

If you’re served food that’s too hot, don’t grab a napkin and spit it out. You shouldn’t breathe with your mouth open or blow on it like you have super breath either. Just grab a glass of cold water to put the fire in your mouth out. Then wait for the food on your plate to cool off a bit.

If you’re drinking tea, your index finger must meet your thumb through the handle and your middle finger should be under the handle to support it. If you’re drinking coffee, keep your thumb on top of the handle and loop your index finger into it. Your remaining fingers should tuck into the palm of your hand.

For starters, if you’re a guy at a urinal, keep a safe distance from the dude next to you. Skip a urinal. This next one applies to both genders. If you see a closed stall, don’t try opening the door. If it opens, you’ll embarrass yourself and the person in the stall.

If your co-worker stinks, pull them aside, warn them that you’re about to tell them something unpleasant and then discuss their body odor issues if they agree to listen. The same rule can apply with a friend or even a relative.

In lieu of pointing and shouting, let the person know discreetly that their zipper’s down. If you find out that you’re the one with the problem, turn to the wall or find a room no one is using and zip your fly up.

To avoid an awkward situation, here are some signs you should look for to make sure she’s pregnant. For starters, pregnant women don’t wear high heels. They also transfer their weight from one leg to the next or hold their lower back. Think about that before you offer someone your seat.