Every Cat Has Its Quirks And These Photos Prove It.

Every Cat Has Its Quirks And These Photos Prove It. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Kitty behavior is so unpredictable, and no matter how badly we try to use logic to explain how they act, we fail. But maybe it’s our emotions that are getting in the way. After all, every time a cat does something odd, silly, or behaves almost human, we go “awwww,” put our hands to our hearts, and smile. So, in essence, you can’t deny that cats are totally entertaining, even if they’re little balls of fur full of mystery. But rather than wasting time trying to solve the unsolved mysteries that are cats, how about trying to embrace the wackiness and fun that they gift us with. And just to prove how crazy cats can be, here are some awesome feline rascals that will win you over.Take this cat, for example. He’s totally cool perching himself on top of this plant. Oh, you can go ahead and admire the plant below. Just don’t forget that the real beauty is the kitty itself. But be careful not to water the kitty too.

If they’re not in the mood for your shenanigans, they’ll have no problem telling you, just like this cat is doing. It’s showing its fangs and mean face to remind its owner that it doesn’t always like being a case study under someone’s magnifying glass.

They were so wrong! This cat is smart and has decide to keep their owner company in the tub by standing safely on top of the stainless- steel knobs where it’s nice and dry. But don’t you dare splash the kitty.

Most of you have probably never seen a cat hanging its tongue out of its mouth like that before. It’s safe to say that they’re probably trying to get as many Instagram followers as possible by proving that they’re not your average kitties.

Don’t judge the cat! It took guts to lay in front of the wheel of this car and meow until the cops and insurance company came over to write down the accident report.

Pooping while standing is the way this rich kitty likes to take its dumps. That way, it can read the label on the toilet paper bag while it’s doing its business below.

Bet this cat wishes there was a litter box down below. But maybe it’s just trying to rearrange the frame because it was looking a little too slanted.

Of all the things that could fascinate a cat, it turns out that this is lamp in the living room is the biggest mystery of all. It’s as if their tiny minds are totally blown by it.

They’ll climb on furniture or just about anything they can get their paws on, because what you call furniture, they call an obstacle course.

Just look at these adorable little weirdos who are lying on the armchairs without a care in the world. It looks like this chair has been turned into a throne!

Here’s a lovely motorcycle chain gang fall of cats who may seem like regular pets during the day, but at night, they go out into the neighborhood.

This kitty was having a lazy day, which coincided with their cheat day so they went to the kitchen and decided to indulge like there was no tomorrow.

This kitty isn’t skinny. It just has long legs, and it will use those long legs to chase after you if you don’t get that digital camera out of its face.

Kitties will do everything in their power to win the hearts of their humans, but then again, you can’t really blame them. We are a lovely bunch, aren’t we?

In lieu of a luxuriously comfy kitty bed, this kitty decided that it would take a little nap by crawling inside a grocery bag that’s hanging from a doorknob. Genius!

This kitty isn’t the brightest among the family. If it only knew that this dishwasher throws water, this cat would be looking for a different place to hide.

Cats tend to get into cat fights all the time, but they’re just like human siblings. In the end they’ll have each other’s backs, even if sometimes they drive each other nuts!

This little kitty decided to learn some martial arts moves. Evildoers beware! This kitty is ready for you!

This cat climbed into a clear plastic flower pot, and it can’t get out. It’s practically asking, “please stop taking pics, you lousy human, and help me!”

How about this pose? She’s going for the “camouflage kitty inside the luxurious sink look,” and she’s absolutely loving it. What a natural!

This kitty has some serious rules when it comes to a tea party with the girls. Call them “Royal protocols,” if you’d like. For one thing, don’t wear ugly sweaters to the table, and don’t forget to pet the kitty. It’s a must!

Oh, did you forget about that 5 ‘o clock kitty meeting? Well, tough! Your cat has something serious to talk about, so take a seat, please.

This kitty’s very confused by this picture frame. It’s already figured out it’s not a reflection of itself. We give that picture frame about a week before this cat gets frustrated, and knocks it down.

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