21 Everyday Items With Secret Uses… You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing #11.

21 Everyday Items With Secret Uses… You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing #11. September 28, 2018

Regular people just use a product or an item without asking any questions. After all, we’ve been using these random household objects all our lives, right? Well, not so much. While you’ll still be free to continue using these products as you were, these little hidden features might make life easier for you.We’re all used to seeing these tiny pockets on our jeans but we never bothered to find out what they’re there for. Turns out, it’s a spot saved for your pocket watch! This design dates back to the 1800s, which is where these watches were held on chains or even worn on waistcoats. But cowboys didn’t find that practical at all, so when jean-makers introduced this new design, let’s just say they totally flipped… in a good way.

Soft drinks don’t just have lids to protect you from spilling. They can also be used as coasters to protect the surface. Try it!, it’ll fit just right.

They’re not an ornament, they’re there to let you know exactly how fresh the bread is. Pay attention to their colors, as they’re indicative of the day they were delivered. The colors are already organized in alphabetical order, as in “Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow”, and they each correspond to the day of the week, as in, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.”

You’ve probably been using your own spoon to scoop the toppings onto this delicious, creamy good. But their containers can be folded in half so you can simply pour over the toppings onto the yogurt.

You must’ve noticed that little arrow next to the gas icon, right there on your dashboard. Oh it does serve a purpose! It’s there to remind the driver which side your gas tank is on. You’re welcome!

Even though you’d probably eat it in one sitting like an animal, Toblerone chocolate bars are separated into tiny bite sized portions so you’d easily cut them and snack.

No, it’s not there as a sleazy way to dry out your pen’s ink so you’re forced to get a new one. It’s there to prevent choking. Business Insider came out with a study that showed more than 10,000 people choked on caps and different parts of pencils and pens, so that hole over there might just save yours or your kids’ life.

They’re not just a eco-friendly way to store the food, they’re meant to be unfolded and used as dinner plates. Then you can put it back up and store whatever leftovers you have.

You’ve probably seen that tiny strawberry baby hanging from a large strawberry momma. It’s there as an emergency tool for your needles. The shape dates back from an era where strawberries were used as a polishing agent to get rid of rust, sharper and polish everyday objects.

Those little holes on the sides of aluminum wrap boxes are actually there to end locks, keeping the aluminum rolls lock tight. Nothing in life is random huh?

Don’t tap that ketchup’s bottle bottom expecting it to squirt the tasty sauce. Instead, tap that middle area to make it come out and enjoy those fries faster!

Toilet seat covers have a little flap that’s meant to face the front, not the back like we’ve all been doing for years. That helps prevent dragging the cover down the toilet and getting all that nastiness sitting on the toilet bowl.

No, it’s not there so any perve can take a peek at strangers on the elevator. It’s a keyhole that only works for authorized personnel that allows them to enter them safely.

It’s not just quirky packaging, it’s supposed to be used as a dispenser, but who actually wants to eat one single Tic Tac?

No spoon? No problem. The lids on applesauce and yogurt were designed to be used as a spoon.

Even though you, along with everybody else in the world, use the cup plunger for virtually everything, that’s not its original purpose. You’re supposed to use it on your sink.

Those long beer bottle neck bottles are there for you to grab on instead of holding your beer by the body. Its long neck was created to eliminate body heat from trasnferring to the liquid inside.

That little tab around the top of soda cans was designed to hold your straw. Simply twist the tab around, and center your straw and you’re done.

Another ‘pantastic’ hidden use. Not all pans but some come with a small hole on the handle. It was put there so you could place your spoon while waiting to stir the sauce instead of making a mess you’d later have to clean.

That’s not how you do it! No wonder you keep spilling! Pull the sides of your juice box so that you can hold the box without pressing so much it ends up spilling. Yeah, unbelievable!

Don’t strangle your fingers when wiping clean your teeth from all the leftover food that gets stuck in there. Instead, tie floss into a loop and voila!