Evil Mastermind Behind Suicide Game Says He’s ‘Cleansing Society.’

Evil Mastermind Behind Suicide Game Says He’s ‘Cleansing Society.’ April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Philipp Budeikin is a 21 year old Russian who invented the Blue Whale ‘suicide game’ that is aimed at young children. His social media group brought in members and then gave them tasks to carry out. Eventually those tasks evolved into self-cutting and then to win “the game” a member had to commit suicide. Budeikin is being charged in the deaths of 16 young women and is being held in a Russian jail. He gets daily love letters from plenty of teen girls and Russian authorities say they cannot stop him from communicating with them. They say this even though his previous communications with young women led to the charges that he faces today.Philipp Budeikin, 21, is the Russian man who invented the Blue Whale ‘suicide game’ aimed at children. He has been flooded with love letters at his Russian jail from teenage girls.

Russian authorities say he has incited at least 16 suicides of young women. They did so to take part in the Blue Whale social media suicide game.

The suicide craze is not only limited to Russia. Authorities believe that it is spreading to Britain as well.

Anna K was from Karsun, when she became obsessed with the game. She hung herself in March. It was due to the sinister Blue Whale game.

According to many, Anna lived a normal life and there were no signs that she was suicidal. That all changed in March.

In December, she jumped off of the 13th floor of a building in Mariupol, Ukraine. Some classmates said she had cuts on her arms and was a shy girl.

While in this Russian jail he told authorities that the victims were a “biological waste.” He added that they were “happy to die” and that he was “cleansing society.”

She died after she jumped off of a nine story building. It happened in Ryazan.

Like the others, her death was preventable and it didn’t need to happen. She didn’t show any signs of being suicidal either.

She jumped off of the 14th floor off a building in central Russia. It happened on Christmas Day in 2015 and came 50 days after she joined a group called “Wake me up at 4.20.”

The twelve-year-old became obsessed with the game like many others did. Her results were similar to at least 16 other young women.

Konstantinova and her friend Veronika jumped from the roof of a 14-story building. Both died.

She died when she jumped off a building with Yulia. Both of them were members of the social media group.

When they first joined they were given small tasks like watching horror movies. The longer they stayed, the more tasks they were given to do.

He claims that the tasks were given but he didn’t make anyone do anything. They only committed suicide because they were weak.

In November of 2015, she started the panic by posting this photo. She put it on the Russian social media site VK and attached the message “Goodbye.” The panic began in November 2015, Rina Palenkova went viral after she posted this photo of herself to Russian social media website VK — with the message “goodbye” — shortly before killing herself by jumping in front of a train.

Moments after Palenkova posted her photo, she jumped in front of train and was killed. It was the first event that started the panic around Russia.

She too was a member of the social media group.

It involves the brainwashing of vulnerable teens. They are given tasks that start with watching movies and then move on to self harming, before moving on to suicide.

A senior official from the Investigative Committee, Anton Breido, said that he knew exactly what he was doing. “Budeikin very clearly knew what he had to do to get the result (he wanted).”

Budeikin is seen here making an appearance in court. Authorities say he is to blame in the suicides of at least 16 girls.

To win the game on must complete the suicide. It’s not a game that anyone should want to be a part of.

He says that the women acted alone but they did what they did because they were weak. While he directed them, he didn’t force them to do anything, according to his claims.

A lot of the members left the group when it became obvious there was something wrong. Once they reached the stage where they were directed to cut themselves, Budeikin knew who was serious about continuing on with the game.

Authorities say that they cannot stop him from communicating with the young women who write to him and freely give him their address to respond. Somewhere along the line someone should shut that down however. If his communication resulted in several suicides why do they let it continue while in jail?

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