20 Examples That Will Convince You Not To EVER Text Your Ex.

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Look at it and weep.

Breaking up is hard to do. There's that feeling of loneliness that creeps up on you from time to time. Before you know it you're texting or calling him or her. It's almost never a good idea especially if things ended on bad terms. Here's a 20 perfect examples of what not to do when one is tempted to contact their ex .Showing weakness is a big no-no after a breakup.

Apply cold water to affected area.

Someone just got burned.

Whatever scenario you have in your head…

The truth will never turn out to be the same.

What stuff?

You should know better than to leave them with a crazy ex.


She walked right into that one.

Or that romantic vampire movie?

As long as it involves a person with a heart ripped out of his chest.

Too late.

Six months too late.

Well, you’re the one who asked.

He hates you. You and your family.

Goodnight to you, sir.

Baring your heart out will only let them chew on them.


Seriously dude?


Did you think he’s going to say something nice?

You had to ask.

Did you think he’s going to say something nice?

Right in the feels.

Wonder what happened between them.

That really hurts.

Particularly because he didn’t even reply in full spelling.

Do not confess stuff like this.

You’re only inviting him or her hurt you again.

Why should you give him or her the satisfaction?

Now he or she is happy while you’re twice as miserable.

There are plenty of songs like that, really.

Songs = not good make up lines.

This is on point.

And right in the heart.

Wow, that’s nice of you.

Good job on being the bigger person.

Thanks a lot!

No, really appreciate it.