‘History Of Eyebrows’ Video Will Make You Glad To Be Alive Today.

‘History Of Eyebrows’ Video Will Make You Glad To Be Alive Today. December 23, 2018

Eyebrows have more than one function. Their main purpose may be to keep dirt, sweat, and water away from the eyes. They have also always been an essential part of a person’s beauty. That is why people like to keep them groomed. Today, women are embracing a more natural brow, a blessing in disguise for many. Thank God for Cara Delevingne! Every decade came with different styles and preferences based on what was popular at the time. Let’s shed some light on the “eyebrow goals” of the last 100 years.Eyebrow pencils were first introduced around this time. Its use was mainly focused on delicately filling-in the eyebrows. The arc was placed high on the brow bone for a defined and neat look. These framed the face and put more focus on the cheek bones.

Silent movies were a huge hit in this era. We begin to see the influence of movies on fashion. Clara Bow was the leading lady at the time and the biggest trendsetter. She chose to wax her brows and draw them thinly as it allowed her to give more visible expressions, which her devoted fans followed.

Removing brows was a staple in this era just like actor like Jean Harlow. The brows were extremely thin and dramatic mimicking the eye socket. The look was exaggerated and extremely theatrical in appearance.

With the rations and uncertainty of World War II, women resorted to low maintenance fashion. They grew their natural brows while defining their arches.

Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor went for a rather unique look. They customized their brows and soon it caught everybody’s attention, with female fans imitating the look.

The 1960s was the time when wild eyebrow trends began! While beauties like Audrey Hepburn were the epitome of elegance, other women were experimenting with their looks. Removing the brows and filling them in bright colours was common.

Women adapted to easy and low maintenance brows. They chose varied brow options; some went with the thin and short ones while others went with the thicker and darker ones.

With so much make-up and big hair, this decade kept the brows pretty tamed considering the time. They were light groomed and the focus was on the natural shape of the brows.

Kate Moss and her brows ruled the decade. Every woman wanted short and thin brows. They would even get them plucked and waxed to achieve the perfect “Kate Moss” arch.

Today, fully grown, thick, and bold brows are the ultimate goal. Women from around the world are filling their brows in with pencil as well as taking the extreme measures of having brow transplants.