They Turn Old Clothes Into Thought-Provoking Sculptures.

They Turn Old Clothes Into Thought-Provoking Sculptures. December 23, 2016

Creative visionaries Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz joined forces to become Guerra de la Paz. The name translated from Spanish literally means ‘war of the peace.’ The two have been working together since 1996. The duo use recycled materials such as fabric to reinvent themes and icons into sculptures. After setting up their studio in the Little Haiti area of Miami, Guerra de la Paz came into contact with second-hand clothes exporters to Haiti, also known as Pepe businesses. Guerra de la Paz find using old clothing an excellent proof of mass consumption, quick disposal and the negative environmental impact. Guerra is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago while de la Paz received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from Northern Illinois University. The two Cuban-born artists’s sculptures have been exhibited all over the United States and Europe. To look at more of their sculptures visit [Guerra de la Paz][1]. [1]: http://www.guerradelapaz.com/index2.html