Facebook Post Inspired A Community To Make A Parade For Special Man’s 21st Birthday.

Facebook Post Inspired A Community To Make A Parade For Special Man’s 21st Birthday. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

One of the most beautiful things about humans, is that every single one of us is different. There are no two humans that are exactly alike, and that goes to show how important it is for us to embrace our individuality. Some humans are born a bit differently, and that makes them just a little more special. Matthew is one of those special humans. Because of the way he was born it’s hard for him to go out to certain places. So, this year, for his 21st birthday, his mom arranged something unbelievably remarkable. Something that the people involved will remember for the rest of their lives.This deficiency has caused him to have serious brain malformation, cerebral palsy, and autism. Because of this, Matthew tends to be a bit loud, which makes it hard for him to go to a lot of public places.

He loves smiling, laughing, and having a good time. And he loves the loud noises that fire trucks and music brings.

Kim Davis-Robinette, Matthew’s mom, wanted him to celebrate just like anyone else would. She came up with a brilliant idea!

It allows him to be as loud as he’d like, without getting any awkward stares from people. Matthew can just be himself.

She informed her friends that it was Matthew’s 21st birthday, and asked if people could drive by and honk their horns. That post was shared over 1,500 times!

People started showing up in crowds. They weren’t just driving by and honking.

Hundreds of people began to show up. They brought lots of balloons and different gifts for Matthew.

Set up underneath a canopy, surrounded by his balloons, he had the best seat in the house. He had a front row view to his very own parade.

There were dancers and even some police officers showed up! I bet Matthew loved the sirens.

Let me rephrase. There weren’t just some motorcycles, there were 100 of them!

People were hanging out of the windows of the bus. They were waving signs that read “Happy Birthday, Matthew.”

With all of the smiling faces sticking out of the windows, how could Matthew not smile? After all, this day was just for him.

Dressed in Scottish kilts, the marchers came prepared to play. I’d be willing to bet that Matthew absolutely loved the bagpipes, and the booming sound of the bass drum.

Michael Alley drove his car that has puzzle pieces all over it. It’s a car dedicated to raising awareness for autism.

“This is something incredibly special – something you would never expect to happen. I got goosebumps and I was crying a few times,” said Chris Robinette, Matthew’s oldest brother.

“It was just about people showing their love. When the people see the smile on his face, they’re going to get that love right back,” she said.

It was good for everyone involved. “He’s teaching people how to dig into their hearts and show that people are really good and they do care,” she said.

“Today just goes to show you how much love is in this community,” said Kim. “There is so much hate going on in the world, and people just want something to hold on to. Do something good. Do something fun.”

What Kim did for Matthew will leave a lasting impression on those that saw. There’s no limit to what a mother will do for their child, and Kim went above and beyond for Matthew’s special day!

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