18 Useless Random Facts That Will Amuse You.

18 Useless Random Facts That Will Amuse You. March 3, 2020

It’s the weekend again and you’re finding yourself bored, looking for stuff to do on the Internet. Facebook isn’t amusing you and there aren’t any games that you really want to play. How about filling your brain with some trivia facts? Keep reading to learn some new things, and hopefully, at your next get together, you’ll have some new stuff to talk about!Apparently, not only does the Postal Service deliver all of your mail, but they also take a picture of every piece of mail that travels through their hands. The practice is called the Mail Isolation and Tracking System and was initiated after the anthrax attacks through the mail in 2001.

The presenters of the award once used the phrase “And the award goes to…” before the presented the award to its recipient. In 1989, the phrase was abandoned and changed to “And the Oscar goes to…”. It is assumed that they changed the phrase to make the losers feel a little bit better.

Jill Price has a condition called hyperthymesia, which is the ability to never forget anything. Ever since Jill was 14, she’s been able to remember every single thing that has ever happened to her. She has absolutely no trouble instantly remembering facts that she’s learned, either.

The “cow shoes” left hoofprints on the ground instead of footprints, which made it easy for the smugglers and distillers to avoid police.

The phrase “Tsundoku” is what it’s called when someone acquires a large number of books, but doesn’t actually read them.

Instead, people wrote love letters to their favorite trees. One of those messages states: “My dearest Ulmus, As I was leaving St. Mary’s College today I was struck, not by a branch, but by your radiant beauty. You must get these messages all the time. You’re such an attractive tree.”

One person reported that their local shelter had somewhere between 50-60 black cats, but once the movie was released, the shelter didn’t have any at all. And apparently many are getting their names from characters in the movie, like T’Challa and ‘Shuri.

The aroma in space, mostly produced by dying stars, smells like barbecue, diesel fumes, and gunpowder.

The email service once belonged to Garfield the cat. The original G-mail, known as “e-mail with cattitude,” could be accessed at gmail.garfield.com. Even though some people claim differently, the domain “gmail.com” never actually belonged to the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis.

They had actually priced bagel-making equipment before they realized it was much cheaper to make ice cream.

The iconic mask is none other than a Captain Kirk mask painted white! So did you guess right?

Point Nemo is the farthest place from land anywhere on the entire Earth. Because of this, decommissioned satellites and space stations have been deposited here. This is good because there’s not really a risk of humans being knocked out from falling space debris.

The stores must donate their unsold, or nearly expired, goods to charity, or compost them! Seems like we could learn a bit from the French.

In order for the human cornea to maintain its transparency, blood vessels don’t flow through them. Instead, the cornea gets its oxygen directly from the air! Oxygen dissolves into the tears and then spreads throughout the eye.

The city is mentioned in 1,074 recorded songs, to be exact. You can check them all out [here][1]! [1]: https://www.memphisrocknsoul.org/over1000songs

Instagram has become the social media network for millennials. 90% of users are under the age of 35! Women are more likely to use Instagram than men, as well. And 32% of teenagers feel that Instagram is the most important social networking platform.

There are over 300 playgrounds for the elderly in the greater Barcelona area!

Reindeer’s eyes change with the seasons. In the summer, they tend to be gold, and in the winter they’re blue!