Fake Cigarettes Are Deadly, Here’s How You Spot Them.

Fake Cigarettes Are Deadly, Here’s How You Spot Them. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There has been a new thing happening around Detroit recently and if you are a smoker you’ll especially want to pay attention. Fake cigarettes have been flooding the market thanks to China, and a lot of them have been showing up in the Detroit area recently. If they continue to get away with it you can bet that it’s only a matter of time before they start showing up in other areas of the country. Smokers need to be aware at what they are buying, especially for the money they are spending. There is only one real way to tell if what you are buying is real, before you open the box. Read on to learn this valuable information.You have heard of knockoff shoes and purses before. This is probably a new one though, knockoff cigarettes.

There are even plenty of fake sunglasses out there. Nobody would have thought that Detroit would face the growing problem of fake smokes.

Scammers have been making fake smokes and selling them to gas stations. The gas stations in turn sell them a bit cheaper to the consumer but still make high profits. Always check for a tax sticker. That’s not enough though.

It’s a great way to take advantage of people who buy these expensive items on the regular. They may not even notice a difference. That is, until they taste them.

That pack of Newport you bought today might be a Newport box, or something close to it. They may not be real Newport smokes inside either.

One woman from the west side of Detroit said, “The taste was different and stale!” She could tell right away that she had spent good money on fake smokes.

The logo is different and there is text on one box but not the other. Which is the real one?

That’s especially true if you buy a pack of the fakes. The fake ones are cheaply made to save money. Not to mention the poor taste and items used to make them, you don’t know what else could be wrong with them.

A tax sticker is a good way to see if the pack is real. However, military stores don’t put these tax stickers on their packs. So you have to remain vigilant when buying the packs. Inspect the box.

Even if the pack doesn’t have a tax sticker that doesn’t necessarily mean they are fake. If they came from a military base they won’t have them. Scammers can also apply fake stickers. The only way to see for sure is to study the boxes closely.

Smoking is hazardous to your health. If you don’t smoke then you won’t have to worry about this issue. It’s been only in the Detroit area recently but if it continues to make scammers money, you can bet it will work it’s way around the country before too long.

The real cigarettes also have filters that have a ridge on them. That’s another good way to tell if it’s real. If the filter is completely smooth, you probably shouldn’t smoke it. A smoker can tell the difference immediately.

China is said to be responsible for flooding the world with these phonies. They make the boxes look very similar to the real deal. Check your filters if you can’t see anything wrong with the box.

There is a distinct taste difference between the real smokes and the fake ones. That bad taste from the fake ones could be doubly hazardous to your health.

There are several different Surgeon General’s warnings that appear on the side of cigarette packages. So this can’t be used to tell if the box is fake or not.

The fakes are being made by the thousands. If you are a smoker and you think something is wrong with your smokes, you may be correct. It’s better to be safe and just toss them.

Since they are fake they are put together differently. You may notice a difference in the burn patterns as well.

Take an extra moment to make sure the money you just spent was on a real pack. If you get taken you’ll be disappointed in more ways than one.

Learn which sticker is used by your state. Keep in mind though that it could also be faked or not have one at all and still be real. So that’s a crap shoot. It’s all in the packaging. That’s your real way of telling. Look for any oddities on the box.

If you aren’t careful you could end up with one of these in your mouth. Did he wash his hands? How many is he going to touch? That’s just one of the many things to worry about when taking about fake smokes.

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