Female News Anchor Stunned Viewers With Her Off-Air Look.

Female News Anchor Stunned Viewers With Her Off-Air Look. February 13, 2020

Like most professions, women in the journalism industry have to work just as hard, or even harder, than male colleagues in the industry. Frequently that means acting like a completely different person than they are for the sake of their viewers. Often that leaves fans pretty shocked when they see them in person.

Ximena Cordoba Ximena Cordoba hosted the weather segments on the Univisión morning show, Despierta América, from 2013 to 2015. Even though her career with Univisión was short-lived, her energy and cheerfulness certainly stayed behind. After her stint with Univisión, Cordoba went on to appear on sports news shows, such as Jorge Ramos En Vivo and Fox Deportes. You’ll probably recognize the next sportscaster if you love baseball!

While Heidi Watney attended high school and college she had an incredible athletic career in cheerleading, diving, hurdles, and gymnastics. Now that she no longer participates, she’s turned her passion for sports into a career, as a host and reporter for the MLB Network. Watney not only covers the baseball games, she also hosts the show Quick Pitch. This next anchor’s career is sure to make you green with envy.

After Robin Meade competed in the Miss America pageant, she turned to television. She was the host, and won an Emmy for, Ask Oprah’s All Stars. Meade wrote a New York Times Best Seller book in 2009. Then in 2011, she released her own country album. Today, you can catch Meade hosting her own morning show on HLN. Sometimes it’s not the weather that catches our eye, it all comes down to who is showing it to us.

Yanet García started her career off by presenting the weather for the local news in Monterray, Mexico. Her beautiful features captured the attention of people from all over the world. Even Playboy and TMZ called her “the most beautiful weather girl.” García currently owns a modeling school called Yanet García’s Models and has 5.4 million followers on Instagram. You may feel compassion for the next sportscaster’s story.

Sara Walsh won three regional Emmy Awards while she worked for a local TV network in Nashville. After that, she worked in Georgia and Washington D.C., before she began working as a sportscaster for ESPN. After returning from maternity leave in 2017, Walsh was laid off. Years later, Walsh revealed on Instagram that she had suffered a miscarriage while on air. If you’re a frequent watcher of CNN, than you should know the next anchor.

Erin Burnett worked as a financial analyst before becoming a news anchor. Burnett was provided with an opportunity to do an appearance on CNN’s Moneyline. After that she hosted several shows on NBC and CNBC. Burnett is currently the host of Erin Burnett OutFront on CNN. If you consider yourself a sport’s fan it would be a shame if you didn’t know the next broadcaster.

For several years, Jenn Brown has worked as a sports newscaster. She has been the host of many TV shows for networks, such as CMT, E!, CBS and HDNet. For the past eight years, Brown has been the broadcaster for college baseball and football games. She even won an Emmy! Brown also works as a model. She appeared in an ad campaign for Under Armor! If you want to understand the next journalist, you’ll just have to learn French.

Melissa Theuriau is a pretty popular news anchor from France. After studying journalism, she became a presenter and editor for the weekly show, Zone Interdite. She later moved on to become the anchor for La Chaine Info before she turned to the TV network, M6. With fellow journalists by her side, Theuriau started an organization that helps educate young girls. This next anchor is the face of sports journalism.

Erin Andrews began her career in journalism as a reporter for Fox News. Ever since 2012, Andrews has been a favorite for Fox News sports fans. She also joined Kraft Foods’ organizations as a spokesperson to fight hunger in America. In 2016, Andrew was told she had cervical cancer, but she was able to fight it. It may come as surprise to find out that the next journalist has a pretty interesting life story.

The parents of Maria Menounos were Greek immigrants that worked as janitors in a nightclub. Once she finished studying journalism, Menounos worked for Access Hollywood, Channel One News, Extra, and Today. Maria Menounos later went on to replace Giuliana Rancic as the anchor for E! News, but later resigned because she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was taken out in June of 2017. You should probably listen to this next reporter when it comes to finance.

Sandra Smith comes from a long line of experts in finance, considering her father, as well as other family members, work in the Chicago financial district. She once had a pretty successful career in business, but she moved on to television. Today, she’s a co-host for the show on Fox News, Outnumbered, as well as being a reporter for the Fox Business Network. Unless you live on the East Coast, you most likely won’t recognize this next reporter.

Jenny Dell grew up in Connecticut, but she attended college at UMass Amherst. She began he career while covering the Red Sox games for the New England Sports Network. At the time she was working for the features unit, but moved to CBS to work as a reporter for the NFL. Dell even married Red Sox player, Will Middlebrooks. The next TV journalist is the epitome of successful!

Charissa Thompson has worked for numerous agencies, such as NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, GSN, SportsNation, the Big Ten Network, as well as many more. Not only has she covered huge events, such as the Super Bowl and the NBA All-Stars, she’s also covered interanational events, like the Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Thompson was recently the host of the reality show on Netflix, Ultimate Beastmaster. The following journalist probably looks really familiar to you.

Natalie Morales began her career in journalism as an anchor for a local Connecticut channel. She later worked for MSNBC, but moved to NBC in order to replace Ann Curry as the anchor on the west coast for The Today Show. Morales is also passionate about running. She not only competed in five marathons, she also competed in several triathlons. You most likely know the next anchor if you’re a fan of Fox News

Julie Banderas has had several jobs in the industry, including stations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York City. In 2005, Banderas joined the Fox News Channel. She got quite a bit of attention for a heated discussion with a member of the Westboro Baptist Church while on-air. Banderas married a member of the board of directors for Habitat For Humanity, Andrew Sansone, in 2009. She currently hosts America’s News Headquarters and Fox Report Weekend.