34 Photos You May Not Have Seen Before… But Definitely Should Have.

34 Photos You May Not Have Seen Before… But Definitely Should Have. March 5, 2017

Every day, the Internet hits with an onslaught of compelling, fascinating, and downright jaw-dropping photos. Sometimes, it can feel like an imagery-overload: *What makes a picture good? Have you seen this one before? What’s the difference between a powerful photo that makes you think, and one that simply makes you smile?* Here. we’ve compiled a series of 34 photo from around the world, all of which capture strikingly different moments and emotions. Some of them will move you, and some of them might only inspire a shrug and a grin. However, **most of them will definitely make you look twice.**

This mother lost her son, but his heart was donated to the woman in red to save her life. Here, the mother listens to her son’s heart beat inside it’s new owner.

Here, officers salute a beloved member of their K-9 force. The dog is terminally ill, and is on his way to an animal hospital to be euthanized.

Santa, relaxing on the Kollhoff Tower in Berlin.

This woman in Clearwater, Florida, was arrested for indecent exposure. To prove her innocence, she stripped down to her bikini briefs in front of the judge, proving that nothing could have been truly exposed. Her case was dismissed.

This photo, reportedly of Billy the Kid (left). There is only one other photo of the outlaw in the world, acquired by billionaire William Koch for $2.3 million.

A U.S. veteran is honored by a Holocaust survivor who saved him from a concentration camp.

Saudi kids show off, doing a popular stunt called “sidewall skiing.”

Hard to believe she’s so grown up, and hard to believe you’re that much older.

This robot, named Athena, was checked in as a human for the flight because it was the cheapest way to get the robot to Germany, researchers said.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the world’s shortest man is 21.5 inches tall. He stands with Sultan Kosen, who stands at 8-foot-three.

Bosnian Muhibija Buljubasic, 56, discovered that he had the ability to attach random objects such as knives, forks, spots, and cellphones to his body.

A deep- sea dining experience at Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World in Tianjin, China.

Hachicko is famous for his loyalty: He met his owner at the same train station every day, and continued to show up even after his owner had passed away. Hachicko did this for nine years, until his own death in 1934.

Dick Hoyt has assisted his disabled son through 255 triathlons.