Fashion Items That Will Transform Your Bargain Buys Into Expensive Outfits.

Fashion Items That Will Transform Your Bargain Buys Into Expensive Outfits. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s a constant struggle attempting to keep up with revolving door that is the world of fashion. It seems that to be on board with the latest trends, we have to replace our entire wardrobe from time to time. This can be a hassle not to mention expensive. However, with a little creativity and effort, you can save yourself lots of money every time something new and chic is popular. Here are some helpful tips that can make any outfit look vogue.Gold chains give you an edge and add a lot of bling. You don’t need to choose big and bold jewelry, something small and delicate is still trendy.

Black, brown, deep blues and darker clothes make a statement. Regardless of how expensive or inexpensive an outfit is, it looks rich in black.

A good handbag is an important accessory that completes the look. You can find great deals on high quality bags at flea markets, consignment stores, or wait for the sales. Choose a neutral colour that will go with everything.

Suede and leather are both chic and classy. Although, an expensive material, you can always go for faux which is also animal friendly and still looks high-end.

It’s ok to love colour and patterns but don’t underestimate the power of the monochromatic look. It looks très chic.

It doesn’t matter how great your outfit is if your shoes are old, dirty, and misshapen. Invest good money on a great pair of shoes that are also comfortable and durable.

Rhinestone buttons can make an inexpensive blouse or blazer look fancy and cool. It only costs a couple of dollars to replace dull, plain buttons for ones that scream glamour.

Yes diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they are also über expensive. Either choose a small diamond stud that is not too expensive for a classic and sexy look or fake it and pick up a pair of cubic zirconia instead. It will be our little secret.

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