Fashion Tips From Grandmothers Of New York.

Fashion Tips From Grandmothers Of New York. November 5, 2016

My mom was taught to age gracefully, within that statement comes the rules. Who came up with them and the reason behind them is still unbeknown to the two of us. The rules are ones that were passed down to her, consequently to me… Cut your hair short when you hit 40. Do not show your neck once it begins to wrinkle. Tank tops are a no-no once the skin on your arms is no longer as firm as it once was. Red lipstick totally inappropriate for grandmothers. Stockings are a must regardless of how hot it is outside. Crazy high heels are just tacky. I need to run home to show my mom the new fashion forward elders. Ari Seth Cohen created [Advanced Style](, a website where he stalks and photographs the fashionable seniors of New York. Each model featured on the site shares their wisdom and a little bit about themselves. It’s truly inspiring. And as it turns out, I am not cutting my hair short when I turn 40.