Father Sees Kid Stealing Food, And Then Catches Him Feeding Stray Animals.

Father Sees Kid Stealing Food, And Then Catches Him Feeding Stray Animals. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us like to think of ourselves as animal lovers. Sharing funny and cute videos and photos on social media are just one of the ways we display our affinity for the animal kingdom. Although, the real test of our devotion and well-being of a creature is how far we will go to help a helpless and hungry creature. Showing a high level of empathy and compassion in the world can show up early in life. A boy in the Philippines was not scared or grossed out at the sight of dogs with mange. Instead, he saw this as a sign that the canines needed the help and rescue from him.He was in the habit of leaving the house going on daily expeditions. He was pretty quiet about his whereabouts. His father knows his son is a good kid but he wanted to make sure he was not going somewhere he wasn’t supposed to.

The dad followed his son who filled his backpack with food. What he discovered was his nine-year-old feeding stray dogs for the past two weeks.

Some of the dogs were just skin and bones. Two of the canines were just puppies. Ken named one Brownie and White or Whitey Puppy. The larger dog he named Blackie, was assumed to be the mother. The three animals were covered in sores and mange.

Initially, they would accept the food and eat but stayed as far away from him as possible. Whitey was the first one to go to him to allow the boy to pet it. The more they ate on a regular basis, the dogs got stronger and healthier.

People saw what the boy was doing and wanted to help. Donations from all over the world began to pour in. Ken may only be nine but his dream has been to open a non-profit, no-kill, animal shelter. He named it The Happy Animals Club, the first of its kind in the Philippines. The first residents at the shelter were of course the trio Ken had cared for. Whitey, Brownie, and Blackie were all fed, given medical attention, and a home. Their sores closed and healthy fur grew in its place.

They rented a plot that was 10,000 square feet, surrounded by fence. Imported dog food was purchased. Although highly expensive in the country, the shelter found this was the only nutritional option to get the malnourished canines healthy and strong. Cats were also taken in.

Before and after photos of the animals goes to show the dramatic transformations they go through when they are provided with veterinary care and food, among other things.

His dad had told him that only grown-ups can raise money for a shelter and Ken firmly believed that, until donations started pouring in from everywhere. The shelter still needs other things like a proper water line as well as the authorization from the mayor to make the shelter an official organization. As more dogs and cats are taken in, more volunteers and donations are needed to keep the rescue running. Ken is a testament that you can change the world if you put your mind to it.

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