Federal Police Officer Hangs Dog On Washing Line And Poses For Photos While Smiling.

Federal Police Officer Hangs Dog On Washing Line And Poses For Photos While Smiling. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When someone becomes a police officer, they ideally do so with the motivation to protect people, keep cities and streets safe, and be a part of an organization that is focused on keeping and/or restoring order and peace in its own communities. Unfortunately, the perks of being a police officer can often lead to certain abuses of power, and sadly, human beings aren’t the only victims when things like that happen. Take, for instance, this Mexican police officer. We have no idea how he goes about his day-to-day duties of protecting his fellow Mexican citizens, but we now know that when it comes to animals, this man lacks the judgment and sensitivity we want to see from officers of the law. While the details in this case are still a little bit blurry, we have photographic evidence of his bad judgment and cruelty that are, frankly, difficult to look at. See more of this disturbing story below.He is making a huge splash on social media, and for the worst possible reasons. It all centers around this photo, which at first glance is almost impossible to decipher. We see him smiling in front of something hung out to dry on a clothesline. Can you tell what it is?

He posted the photo, and it soon got shared hundreds of times. Criticism cam rolling his way, but then he deleted the photos and terminated his accounts, trying to hide his identity to the world and spare himself from further scrutiny.

Many are wondering what kind police officer, a man sworn to serve and protect, would do this to an innocent and harmless animal. And, if he does this to his own dog, does he also mistreat the dogs of the K9 unit where he works?

This photo of his face has been found, and people are sharing it while urging local officials to investigate him and punish him for animal cruelty. What do you think?

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