The Rescue Story Of Three Wild Cats And Their Newfound Love For Humans.

The Rescue Story Of Three Wild Cats And Their Newfound Love For Humans. December 28, 2018

The Internet is flooded with stray cats being rescued, adopted, and given a new life with a forever family. There are not a lot of happy stories when it comes to feral cats. These felines are believed to resort to hostile behaviour and violence to keep themselves safe. Contrary to popular belief, feral cats aren’t that violent or harmful, they’re simply scared, and don’t know if they can trust people. Feral cats are born from strays, having little to no contact with humans. It is possible though that with a lot of patience and love to introduce them to a domesticated life.They were living on the streets fending for themselves. It all changed one day when their mama cat vanished and never returned.

They were born on a property that belonged to Rihanna, she had set up a shelter outside her home for the neighbourhood cats. She used to feed the feline family everyday but suddenly the mom cat vanished.

The mother cat had been gone for two weeks. On top of that the temperature had started plummeting. Worried, Rihanna called Chris Poole of Cole & Marmalade regarding the kittens. Instantly, he came to the rescue, “I borrowed some kitten traps and headed out a couple days later. We managed to trap them all in one day,” Chris said.

To help them survive the cold, the people from Cole & Marmalade moved the kittens to their heated garages. They were to be transferred to foster homes. Considering their terrified state of mind, the kittens couldn’t be taken directly to a foster home.

Given that they are feral cats, their hissing and spitting at their rescuers was more or less expected. Chris decided to alleviate their phobia and their anger in the best possible way. He recognized their need for love and care. After a lot of effort by the team, the troupe finally accepted the humans and allowed them to be pet by them for the first time.

Most kittens are generally happy, curious, and are found running around their new house, playing with their foster parents. Since these were feral cats, their first reaction was hiding and running away from the humans. It is said that love and food can win anyone over, which is exactly what happened in this case.

To help cover all the medical expenses for the felines, Chris helped raise $800. They were spent on vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries. All the three kittens are finally open to the humans around them. They love cuddling, purring, and snuggling around their caregivers, and are looking for their own forever home.