Feral Kittens Stuck In Deadly Storm Found Comfort In Their One-eyed Feline Uncle And A Canine Mama.

Feral Kittens Stuck In Deadly Storm Found Comfort In Their One-eyed Feline Uncle And A Canine Mama. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

After the storm comes the calm. When everything seems to be going bad, it is easy to feel discouraged , fearing nothing will be good again. Sometimes, it is a matter of shifting gears. Forcing ourselves to look at things from a different perspective, may in fact be the positive change we need. A pair of feral cats seemed lost and near their end when they were struck by a cold storm. Nonetheless, there was something better in store for them. Some may call it fate while others believe it was a blessing from a higher power.The only positive thing in such a terrifying circumstance was the fact that the kitties had each for comfort.

When the ice and snow storm covered most of The Bronx in New York, it didn’t look like the sisters would survive through it.

Founder of the organization, Michelle Morales took the kittens to Kelly to be cared for and loved.

“I’ve heard the mom has since been trapped,” says Morales. The mom is currently receiving medical attention.

At first they were afraid and hesitant to come into contact with humans. Slowly, they opened up and let their guards down.

Twinkle is the shyest of the two. According to Kelly, “She gets startled easily but she’s relaxed a lot and really likes the gang (furry residents) as well.”

Kushi is a one-eyed feline who is completely adored by the kittens. Suzie is the canine who looks after the kittens like her own pups. She is the unspoken mama.

Twinkle loves to cuddle with Uncle Kushi while Star follows him around. “After every meal she runs to Kushi to have her face cleaned. She likes to be in the middle of everyone and everything,” says Kelly. Furthermore, the kittens are always up for snuggles with their canine mama.

Twinkle, the shy one is slowly coming out of her shell and Star is soaking up in the love from her foster home.

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