Find Out What Your Lipstick Says About You

Find Out What Your Lipstick Says About You April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Lipstick is one of the most important part of makeup for all the women out there. It gives you a new look, giving your lips a fresh new different color. It is used everyday by most of the women and hence it can reveal a lot about them. Yes, your lipstick can give a clear insight to your personality. Whether it is the shape of the lipstick or its color. See what your lipstick says about you.We all have a different way to apply lipstick. This changes the original shape of the stick, revealing our personalities.

So are you bold, easy going to rebellious. Your lipstick stick can reveal that.

You are bold and don’t really care what people think of you. While most of the people are in love with you, you have asset of haters too. But that never stops you from being who you are.

Women with a lipstick looking like this are smart, witty and quick to respond. They are opinionated and can find it hard to agree to other people. These women are natural charmers.

A rounded tip is a sign of a calm, family oriented and sophisticated person. If your lipstick looks like this, you are someone who loves to keep hobbies and enjoying life with all its rules.

If you have not really ruined the shape of your lipstick, it means that you like to follow the rules and are uncomfortable with it. You fear disappointing people because of your lovable and empathic personality.

If your lipstick looks like this, then you are definitely a risk taker. You get your tasks done, no matter what and nothing can stop you from achieving what you want.

This is a sign of confident and charming personality. If your stick looks like this then you are flirty, fun and really attractive because of your confidence.

You are a creative, helpful and very charming person who has too much love to spread around. At times you can be a little hard on yourself, but you always find a way back to the realities.

This lipstick belongs to true leaders. They are passionate, ambitious and natural dominant leaders. Always getting the spotlight, these people can make you laugh uncontrollably or even push you to your limits.

The color of lipsticks can also determine the traits of your personality. Like if you prefer hot pinks, it means you are friendly and people love being around you because of your cheerful personality.

If your lipstick shades vary from dark purples to berry, then you’re the person everyone comes for advice. You’re honest, bold and love taking risks.

If you prefer wearing a simple lip balm instead of a dark lip color, it shows that you hate the pretentious world and live your life the way you want to. People like these invest their time in productive hobbies and activities.

This lip color gives an insight to your shy personality. Despite being a little quiet, people love being around you because they instantly like you after you open up a little bit.

If your favorite lip colors include shades that are close to black, then you have a very bold and daring personality. You stand out in a crowd and are always a rebel where you think it’s needed.

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