Weird ‘Treasures’ People Have Found Hidden In Their Homes.

Weird ‘Treasures’ People Have Found Hidden In Their Homes. June 16, 2019

There is nothing better than finally buying your house. Folks have plans like what room is going to be used for what, where furniture will be placed, and deciding what wall colours works best. This is all part of the fun. Not to mention all the memories to be made in your new nest. If you are handy and creative, chances are you are going to take some things out, even redo the layout in the living room, or simply update it if it’s an older home. For most folks doing renovations, the hard part is pulling things off. Nothing much is found except maybe hideous print linoleum underneath a floor board or tacky wallpaper. Nonetheless, some homeowners got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered hidden items lying around.How it crossed the ocean is unknown since is was commissioned by the last Czar of Russia Nicholas II in 1912. The figurine fetched $5.2 million at an auction.

The value of this old comic book was a mere $1.5 million.

Once inside, this big and old Blockbuster wooden sign was discovered.

In the basement there was a small closet with a suitcase. It contained a clown costume, balloons, and a can of Bud Light that had expired in 2002.

And written on it “Keep Closed At All Times.” Don’t mind if we do.

The containers held old newspapers and $45,000 in total.

This futuristic design was found underneath after the carpet was pulled off.

After pulling up old carpet these homeowners found a full-sized Monopoly floor. Wonder if the tokens were ever found.

What was disturbing was that the creepy smile and filled-black eyes.

They were shocked to discover a servant’s kitchen that was fully stocked. The kitchen had been hidden for years by junk in the home’s basement.

When opened, a bag of Skittles was inside.

The contents included $50,000 cash, a Bingo card, a rare bottle of bourbon, and a book titled “A Guide for the Perplexed.”

An individual leasing a house found this bizarre, “thing” in the attic. We call it a, “thing” because no one knows if it’s a toy, decoration, or some twisted prank.

A man found this bunny hanging in his mother’s basement apartment building.

Turns out it was a 33 feet water well from the 16th century.

There was nothing left behind to reveal what the combination was.

Artist Keith Haring painted this mural in the entry hall of an apartment in New York. He was still a student in the Visual School of Art in the 1970s.

This is bootlegged alcohol hidden under a workbench.

Along with it, was this can of emergency drinking water.

The basement had a sliding panel with shelf space hidden behind a wall. The panel looked like an old bar that faced where a driveway used to be. After doing a little research, the new homeowners found out that the homeowners during the prohibition era sold alcohol illegally.

They found a grenade in one of the cupboards in the kitchen. After evacuating, the bomb squad arrived. Luckily the grenade was a dud.

The letters were inside a wall. They were only discovered in 2011, when a hole was cut to add an electrical outlet. The soldier’s family was found and the letters were given to them. Dalhousie University is copying and preserving this piece of romantic history.

They were hidden underneath a brick wall in a house.

These homeowners found a hole that went down a cave. No explanation left what it was for or more importantly, why?

The unsigned piece was hidden in the attic.

Ferrin located the rightful owner and returned the money.

The walls had stuffed chickens attached.

It wasn’t just any skull either, it belonged to France’s King Henry IV, who died in 1610.

The 2,000 year-old home contained ancient artifacts like coins, pottery, glass cup, jewelry, bronze key, ink-wells, and arrowheads.