Foster Couple Adopted 5 Siblings For A Reason That’ll Thrill Your Heart.

Foster Couple Adopted 5 Siblings For A Reason That’ll Thrill Your Heart. December 8, 2018

National Adoption Day is celebrated a weekend before Thanksgiving. At government and individual levels, people are making more of an effort to raise awareness about the need for adoption of more than a million U.S. children. Let’s start by putting an end to the myth that there are not enough people willing to adopt. On the contrary! More than 72 % of Americans have considered providing a loving home to a child at one point or another. What’s required is the means and resources to study each individual case and pair potential parents with eligible kids. This is the motto that the National Adoption Day Campaign hopes to accomplish.Unsurprisingly, siblings protect us while many wouldn’t even give us a second thought. The bond that siblings share is unique and natural. However, it is not unusual for biological siblings to get separated in foster care. Steps have been taken to keep siblings together as they live in foster care while waiting to be adopted by new parents or reunited with their birth parents. This ensures that there’ll be a better adjustment period and connection between the kids and their foster parents.

Arizona couple, Brenda and Curt Heuer have fostered over 52 children in the last decade. We’re not kidding you! The Heuers are a true inspiration. On November 19th, the couple adopted 5 children, all siblings, in an effort to avoid having the system split them up.

Brenda and Curt have known the siblings for a while now. They’ve been providing for them since 2015. The only thing this family really needed was an official statement of declaration that the couple deserved to be the legal parents of these kids.

The siblings, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9 years old, show an inclination towards becoming a part of the Heuers’ family forever. They go on picnics, spend time with the family and love living under the same roof. “They call us mom and dad,” Brenda tells people. “We’re such a family, we go camping together, and we’re going to take them to Disneyland for their adoption celebration.”

The aim is to adopt them all together so they don’t get split up. “These kids mean a lot to us,” said Brenda. “We have such good times together and we are doing everything we can to be good parents. We couldn’t wait to welcome them into our home — officially!”

And why shouldn’t they do it on National Adoption Day? Wouldn’t that be so much fun? There were tons of parties and celebrations already going on. And later that day they decided to take the kids to Disneyland to celebrate. The Heuers are delighted to have the kids join them as official members of the family. “It’s our job as parents to teach our kids right from wrong and how to be good citizens! Everything feels right,” added Brenda. They should not be counted out for fostering more kids in the future, “You never Know!”, says Brenda.