Five-Year-Old Boy Becomes A Superhero To Street Cats.

Five-Year-Old Boy Becomes A Superhero To Street Cats. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

As kids, most of us wanted to grow up to become superheroes like Wolverine, Spiderman, Iron Man, or even Superman. After all, who could say no to the awesome feeling you get from lending a hand, rescuing someone or something from certain danger, and all the love and attention you’d get from doing a good deed? Well, one 5-year-old has become a superhero in his neighborhood after he helped save a bunch of street cats who needed all the love in the world. He managed to change their life, even turning them from indifferent, feral cats to loving purr machines.He was like an angel, who came down offering a bunch of street cats some food, as well as the love and attention they so desperately needed and wanted.

He’s certainly got plenty of super strength to be able to carry such a huge, heavy bag of cat food, but it’s all in a day’s work in the life of this pint-size superhero.

He truly is one mini Superman as he helps to ensure that this colony of stray cats in his neighborhood gets its needs met, no matter the cost, the time, or the place.

They’ve been doing it for over a decade now, and their nephew, Shon, eventually learned from them and started looking after the more than 45 feral cats they care for, and cats love him so much that they high five him too.

But they certainly had no issues with Shon coming up to them, and who could blame them? Shon brings them some tasty treats and delicious food, so he’s like their savior.

But one thing’s for sure, his costume might change, but his mission to look after his aunt and uncle’s cats remains the same, and the cats seem to have made him an honorary member of their posse.

This makes Shon’s task a lot easier, because aside from food and water, he can take some time to offer the cats a little TLC, which is something that stray cats rarely get when they’re out on the street.

“He is very kind and gentle,” they added. We’re just surprised that he has enough energy to pet them all given how spread out the kitties are throughout the colony. Then we remember that he’s a superhero.

He’s more than happy to pour some refreshing water into their bowls, because a hydrated cat is a happy cat, and they probably won’t scratch you with their feral claws.

So is Shon, because even superheroes need their rest, and it’s thanks to him that the cat’s attitude changed from feral and unfriendly to soft, warm kitties who don’t mind when a human approaches to pet them. Love will always prevail!

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