18 National Flags That Are Good Enough To Eat.

18 National Flags That Are Good Enough To Eat. December 23, 2016

To promote Crave Sydney International Food Festival thru [Good Food Month][1], the advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA designed flags from 18 countries using food. The ingredients used reflect the country of origin. Consequently, each dish varied from the exotic like pitaya and star fruit for China to traditional favourites like Greece’s flag with feta cheese and olives. A very Fourth-of-July feeling theme was created to highlight the United States using hot dogs and mustard. The month-long annual festival takes place every October. Its goal is to highlight Sydney’s great dining. The international event has chefs from all over the world showcasing their culinary skills such as chef and best-selling author Yotam Ottolenghi. If you plan to visit Australia in 2015, you may want to start by liking the festival’s [Facebook][2] page. Be warned, the photos on the website may instantly make you hungry. [1]: http://www.goodfoodmonth.com/index.php# [2]: https://www.facebook.com/goodfoodmonth