Flooding Trapped Bakery Staff For Two Days. They Spent It Baking For Harvey Victims.

Flooding Trapped Bakery Staff For Two Days. They Spent It Baking For Harvey Victims. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Texans have been left in disastrous conditions. Streets and homes are flooded, leaving people without a place to live. Fortunately, the people of Texas, as well as humans from all over the country, have come together to help each other in their time of need. Lately, many people have looked at America as a country that is divided, but seeing what’s happening in Texas has proven that that’s not true, at all. It has been a true test of humanity, and Texas has passed with flying colors. The following story is about a group of stranded bakers who used their time being stuck to help out others.The bakers were stranded inside the business for two whole days. Instead of just waiting to be rescued, they put their talents to work.

They decided to bake all night long to provide food for those in need. “Some of our employees are still flooded or stranded, the bakers we have, have been baking over 24 hours so far,” the bakery reported.

->**With smiles on their faces, El Bolillo Bakery’s employees carry out an incredible amount of baked goods to be delivered to those in need.**<-

Gallery Furniture of Houston opened their doors to shelter those that have lost their homes. In return, El Bolillo Bakery donated a large amount of baked goods to them!

Even though they’re helping others, the employees have lost quite a bit, as well. Many of them have lost their homes and cars at the hands of this storm.

->**Thank you so much El Bolillo Bakery, you’re truly an inspiration to others!**<-

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