25 Clever Inventions That Will Change The Way You Eat.

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An avocado color chart sticker that lets people know when an avocado is ripe.

Who doesn't love food? Without it, we'd have no energy and after long periods without it we'd die. And quite frankly, food is the way to most people's hearts. Anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves. Although they're not necessary, people have come up with inventions that help us consume food a little easier. Regardless of how necessary they are, they make life a whole lot easier. Check out the list below to see innovative food creations that you probably never knew about. Odds are you'll want your hands on them after you're done with this post.Judging from the color of the avocado this person is holding, it's time to eat it now!


Shopping carts that have a magnifying glass for the elderly.

How super thoughtful of the store to do this!


A bowl that can carry all your finger food on top of a cup of soda with a straw through the center.

With one hand, you can hold everything so you can use the other hand to eat!


A pair of chopsticks that are also a fork.

Just in case you're not feeling too confident about chopstick skills.


A picnic table that has seating for both adults and small children.

There's even a space for wheelchair users!


A stretchy reusable food cover.

And they wash super easily.

cooking dangerously

A little gadget that'll turn your lemon into a spray instantly.

For the people who need a citrus spray in their recipes.


A restaurant that sells fries in paper cones and have tables that have holes for the cones.

It looks like they created both the problem and solution for this one.


A store that sorts the bananas by how ripe they are.

You can barely tell the difference in colors but if you look really closely, the right side looks greener.


A Pringles tube that provides a tab to lift the chips.

This way, you don't have to put your hand inside the tube. Goodbye greasy hands!


A local coffee shop that uses frozen coffee cubes for their iced coffee.

If only all coffee shops did this.


Glasses that are designed to allow anyone carry multiple at the same time.

Now this is what we call making life easier!


Spoons that you can eat after you're done with them.

This is brilliant. I need a package of these for all the ice cream I consume.


A takeout spork that has a toothpick as the handle.

Now you don't have to use your fingernail to pick at the food stuck in your teeth.


A coffee shop that shows the differences between coffee drink types.

Great for people who "think" they know what they want but end up complaining afterwards.


A restaurant in Prague that delivers beer to customers by a miniature train.

All aboard the choo choo beer train!


A french fries cone that has a built in sauce container.

However, it looks like it can't carry that much sauce at a time.


A restaurant that offered Coke ice cubes inside their coca cola.

This is valuable customer service! The soda never gets watered down or flat.


A mango that has a sticker that tells you what color is the best for taste.

They should make a sticker for the green mango too!


A vending machine inside a mall that was provided by a local farmer.

Super convenient for mall-shoppers who need some last minute groceries.


A instant ramen bowl that has a built-in strainer.

This one is definitely a plus for college students or people who don't have time to cook proper meals.


A restaurant bathroom that offers two different kinds of soaps.

That's actually a very good thing to have two options, especially for people who are more sensitive towards strong and/or certain smells.


Wine condoms that help preserve unfinished bottles of wine.

There's probably other purposes for these as well...


A restaurant that labels its brownies based on what part of the pan it was baked on.

Genius! I'll take all the corner brownie pieces please!


A box of chewing gum that comes with a separate container that has wrapper paper in it.

People can use the wrapper paper to put their used gum onto.