25 Food Servers Who Gave Their Customers Exactly What They Ordered

25 Food Servers Who Gave Their Customers Exactly What They Ordered April 4, 2019

Be careful what you wish for, especially when it comes to ordering food. As we all know, food orders don’t always come out 100% accurate — especially when it’s made with special instructions. Either the waiter or cook misunderstood or took the instructions too literally. No matter what it was, one thing remains constant: the food comes out wrong. And if you have a sense of humor then you’d laugh rather than make a complaint. Check out the food orders below that the people definitely were not expecting.Well technically she did ask for it. But they should have known better.

What they got: rings of onion on the side.

And this is what she got, but I don’t see the problem!

Tomato looks like it is wearing sunglasses… it’s alive!!

Well, I see no downside to this outcome.

They get an A+ for effort though, at least they roasted the chili.

Again, this is just bold and not okay. It isn’t even funny. How do they think people want to use the extra cup?

Instead, they got the burger on the right. Don’t know if I would even call that a burger.

At least it’s in a flower shape and flowers make everything better.

I would send it back. Who serves onion rings cut in HALF!?

She explained that it’s a scoop of ice cream on top and then expresso poured over, this is what she got.

Looks like the making of a new fad. I wonder how coffee tastes with the bay leaves dropped into the cup?

This is actually a brilliant way to serve a veggie burger!

The lady on the phone apparently heard differently.

Instead she got a pepperoni with a pizza. This is begging for a war.

I guess size does matter!

Was this by any chance a restaurant in IKEA?

Instead, she got a strawberry, pomegranate, and mango margarita.

As he wished, he got more frosting!

And this is what she got. Well, it IS double… So, who cares?

He asked for mayo on the top and bottom of the burger.

*Removes bread.* Eats ice cream in despair as they lie down on a couch thinking about all their mistakes in life.

This is what the waiter brought him. It’s definitely a small beer.

This is what the bartender gave him. At least it’s fancy.

So they received this masterpiece. I think that’s actually kinda sweet.