21 Crazy Food Superstitions That You Should Keep An Eye Out For…Just In Case.

21 Crazy Food Superstitions That You Should Keep An Eye Out For…Just In Case. December 15, 2016

Here are some of the most common food superstitions from all around the world that you may not have known about.The most common superstition is that garlic fights off vampires. It’s also known to fight off the curse of the evil eye.

Don’t spill salt or you’ll have bad luck. In case you do, throw salt over your left shoulder with your right hand.This will keep the devil from stealing your soul.

Never cut your noodles when you eat them. Noodles represent a long life, so if you cut them you are cutting your life short.

If you cut a loaf of bread and find a hole inside, someone you know will die.

Eggs are the sign of fertility. If you crack an egg and it contains two yolks, someone you know will become pregnant and bear twins.

Tea has many superstitions. One popular one states that you should never put milk in your tea before sugar or you will never get married.

If you see air bubbles in your coffee, be sure to catch them with your spoon and eat them. Money will soon come your way.

If you give someone an orange, they will fall in love with you. I give my ex-girlfriend bags of oranges all the time, but she still hates me.

Throwing rice at newlyweds ensures them good health, wealth, and lots of happiness. Just make sure it’s dry.

Drop a fork and a women will visit you. Drop a knife and a man will visit. Drop a spoon and a child will come. Throw all the silverware down and have a party! (not really, I made that up)

Handing a hot pepper directly to a friend will ruin your friendship.

Don’t bring parsley to dinner, it’s bad luck. Plant some parsley seeds for help with fertility.

Never gift a knife to a friend. It will cause bad blood in your friendship.

Do NOT eat peanuts at any event. They will give the entertainers or players bad luck.

Never cut a banana with a knife. It is known to cause bad luck.

Blowing out candles and wishing someone a happy birthday will chase away evil spirits. What happened to birthday wishes? Guess that’s why they never came true for me.

If you are eating with chopsticks, never stick them upright into the rice. That symbolizes death! Oh no!

Eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck and prosperity.

If you cut into an apple and count the seeds, you can determine how many children you will have. Oh jeez!

Want to chase away bad spirits? Just stick a pin into an onion and set it on your windowsill. That’s some voodoo stuff right there!

Eat 12 grapes one-by-one at the stroke of midnight to symbolize each month of the year. If the grape is sweet, that particular month will be a good one. Sour indicates a bad month.