33 Crazy Tattoo Ideas For People Who REALLY Love Food.

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This sushi scene is pretty epic.

Think about your favorite food: Maybe it's a delicious slice of pizza, cheesy and with just the right amount of pepperoni. Perhaps you prefer the perfect medium-rare cheeseburger, or a delicious bowl of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top. And when you're finished thinking about what your favorite food is, ask yourself this important question: Do you love that dish enough to consider tattooing it onto your body? For most of us, the answer is a resounding "no." But these 33 people felt committed enough to their favorite snacks -- or at least, the imagery of their favorite snacks -- to permanently commit them to their bodies. As it turns out, food tattoos are actually kind of cool. See some examples below.

And who doesn't love a delicious artichoke?

The tiniest grilled cheese.


A whole meal on a hand.

You know, instead of angel wings.

She must really love hot dogs.

Hipsters really are obsessed with avocados.

This old fashioned food sketch is very cool.

Let's just hope her feet don't smell like that.

The cutest little burger friend.


When you love veggies -- really, really love them.

We see what they were going for here.

Just a casual bunch of asparagus.

Dream team.

When two carrots fall in love and know it's forever.

Never has junk food looked so dainty.


Hopefully he gets free Checkers for life.

Inspired by his perfect smoothie.


All the sweet treats close at hand.


He had to pay homage to his favorite childhood breakfast.

A tomato, sitting on a delicate bed of flowers.


A very petite steak

A corn cob, for some reason.

How to mend a broken heart -- with pizza, that is.

When you always want a sandwich at hand.

A simple, smilling taco.


She knew she had to get the deranged corndog for her tattoo.


A glorious framed cheeseburger.


This is pretty neat.


Because he wanted s'more tattoos.


A simple taco for a simple man.


The only fruit basket her grandmother might not like.


And finally, a sandwich that looks good enough to eat.