20 Crazy Food Trends That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Diet.

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If you're in the mood for a dessert that's kinda fishy then get yourself these fish-shaped ice cream cones.

Food photography allows us to share food with friends, family, and perfect strangers across vast distances, which is awesome because now you don't have to rely on our taste buds to enjoy food. Just one look at these awesome meals will make your eyes bulge and your mouth water! These food trends are mouth-watering scrumptious works of art. They're so Instagrammable, that you'll want to bring your camera or smartphone to document every bite. Whether you're eager to try something new or you're looking to be dazzled by these foods' presentation, here are some creative food trends that are a visual delight.At Taiyaki in New York City, you can get the most adorable dessert ever. The fact that the ice cream cone looks like a fish is just part of the fun. The tail holds a little extra surprise. It's either filled with red bean or custard.
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Glitter coffees and glitter cappuccinos might very well become the biggest coffee trend of 2018.

Cafes in Australia and India are adding a little pizzazz to conventional coffee and cappuccino drinks by adding a swirl of edible glitter art. Given how quickly this phenomenon is growing thanks to the help of the internet, don't be surprised if you see this in your coffee shop at some point in the future.
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Tacos are delicious, but you would never consider eating one for dessert unless it looked like this.

Inspired by regular tacos, an ice cream taco contains rolled-up ice cream, a sweet wafer as a taco shell, and toppings that include sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, and candy. Of course, if you decide to do this at home, you can just place a scoop of ice cream and add a bunch of sugary treats on top.

There's a new sensation that blends American and Japanese cuisine in the form of a sushi burger.

You won't need chopsticks to eat this sushi. It's styled to look like a burger. In fact, the sticky rice is shaped like burger buns, while avocados serve as lettuce. Everything else is made of sushi and makes this a mouth-watering cuisine.
forbiddenfoods / Instagram

Churros on their own are tasty, but stick a skewer in the middle and fill them up and you've got a winner.

You can use a piping bag to fill the hole with some Nutella, vanilla, Bavarian cream, or anything else you can think of. Just one of these fried-dough pastries is enough to make your mouth water, but a bunch of these will make your heart flutter.
churrosmexicanos / Instagram

If you really want to wow your family when they cut into the loaf of bread then add a leopard print.

Leopard print bread is an interesting baking trend that you should definitely try. It takes a little work to create this unusual, cat-like print, but it will wow your friends and family when they see the brown and white feline markings on each loaf.
hungrykhaleesi / Instagram

As long as you're on this Mexican food kick, you might as well give the cotton candy burrito a try.

This swirls of cotton candy, ice cream, and delicious sweet toppings are probably the nightmare of any parent who wants to keep their kids from getting cavities. But this cotton candy burrito looks so sweet that it might be worth a trip to the dentist.
astro360taste / Instagram

You'll feel like you're in an intergalactic café when you make yourself a bowl of unicorn noodles.

By using some clear or white noodles, some purple cabbage, which will give the noodles the shade of color they need and some lemon or lime juice, you'll have a bowl of glass-like noodles that are quick, simple, and magical.
theindigokitchen / Instagram

Imagine how much cooler the world would be if you could combine the power of a rose and ice cream.

Ice cream of any kind is difficult to resist, but when someone gives you ice cream scoops in the shape of a rose, then you'll feel like you've gone straight to heaven. If you happen to be in Sydney, Australia, you should totally visit I Creamy and order a flower Gelato.
thefoodiesaur / Instagram

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage shot looks like a cross between an autopsy and something out of this world.

This is probably how your brain will feel after you've drank this shot. It's made with layers of Peach Schnapps, Blue Curaçao, Baileys Irish Cream, and a drop or two of grenadine.
forking_creative_foodie / Instagram

May the shots be with you when you create these cake shot glasses with the help of "The Force."

Why bake or buy a whole cake when you can make these adorable cake shot glasses? Just line the cups with a thin chocolate coating on the inside to prevent the liquid from escaping and maybe add a few "Star Wars" themed decorations, and you'll have the perfect shot for your next "Star Wars" marathon.
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Whoever said you can't have your cake and drink it too has obviously never had a cake milkshake.

There's a place in Dubai called the Black Tap Café, where you can order one of these cake milkshakes. They're topped with cake, hard candy, Sour Patch Kids, cotton candy, and pretty much everything under the rainbow.
blacktapnyc / Instagram

You'll be drooling over the Birthday Cake Croissant designed by pastry Chef Thiago Silva at Union Fare.

The funfetti-style treat is full of colors throughout the flaky layers thanks to the rainbow sprinkles. Plus, the mascarpone filling makes it even more mouthwatering because it's loaded with sugary tastiness that will have you begging for a second one.
platepaparazzi / Instagram

You can really go goth with your food by turning everything you eat into a pure black color.

This photo here is a black Oreo ice cream. But you can pretty much turn any food item black by using an array of ingredients like squid-ink to make hot dog buns black for example. You can even use black seaweed, black truffles, or activated charcoal to make your food more gothic.
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If you've ever wondered what a rainbow burger would look like, then you can finally stop wondering.

At Bar Luca in Sydney, Australia, you can order the rainbow burger, which uses buns that are so colorful that you'll feel like you're eating all the colors of the rainbow.
Licorne Magique / Facebook

Like the unicorn noodles, these magic noodles will really make people's eyes pop out of their heads.

Not only are the glass noodles gluten-free, but they make for quite an interesting psychedelic side dish. You can change the hue of the noodles by squeezing some lime juice. You then soak them in butterfly pea flower tea, drain them, and then serve. Wow! Color us impressed!
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Croissants are flaky and delicious, but donuts are sweet and tasty too, so it's tough to choose.

What would happen if you didn't have to choose? A New York City pastry chef named Dominique Ansel risked his life savings to create his bakery and in that bakery, he came up with a cronut. The cronut is a croissant-donut pastry that essentially offers the best of both worlds.
thehungrypetite / Instagram

Next time you're in BESFREN in New York, you might want to order the Green Tea Taro Soft Serve.

Its combination of Matcha tea flavored ice cream and Taro ice cream, which is derived from the root of a potato-style vegetable. What you'll get is a yummy treat that is soft, so you don't have to risk breaking a spoon to eat it or get chills when you try to bite into it like you would a regular hard ice cream.
foods_beforedudes / Instagram

This glittery milkshake is called the Love Shack Shake and it's simply sparkling with flavors.

Aside from the fact that it's topped with a swirl of whipped cream, which should already win you over, it's topped with chocolate sauce and edible glitter. Now, this is the kind of treat that you would definitely want to share with your sweetheart.
Sweet Ritual / Twitter

If you ever happen to be in Los Angeles, you might want to stop by CottonHi and order one of these.

You can order yourself some soft serve ice cream or even a drink. They're all topped with cotton candy, which makes it even more delicious. It's also so fluffy and cute that you're going to want to go on a road trip to LA more frequently.
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