34 Strange, Inedible Objects The Internet Wishes They Could Eat.

34 Strange, Inedible Objects The Internet Wishes They Could Eat. March 10, 2020

It’s pretty annoying to see objects that look like food. You go to grab an apple off your Aunt Betty’s kitchen table, take a big bite, and chomp into…Styrofoam? We’re pretty sure that most of you have experienced something like this in your lifetime. Everyday objects look like food all of the time. So we put together these pictures, for not only your entertainment but as a warning: Make sure the things you try to eat are edible BEFORE biting into them.They may look like a delicious colorful treat, but try biting down on one of these and you’ll have to make an appointment with the dentist.

They grow together and begin to rot at a rapid rate. They also turn rubbery. Don’t believe us? Your neighbor probably has one you could try out.

Unfortunately, this is just a pan of paint, so don’t go dipping your finger in it for a sneaky taste.

The icing on these cinnamon rolls looks absolutely divine. Head to Bouddi National Park, Australia, and take a lick. You might get a few pebbles in your mouth, but a little dirt won’t hurt you.

Actually, not even Bill Cosby would want to take part in this Jell-O. If you’re feeling daring, though, go ahead and munch out. Just be careful, you might contract something.

They changed the old bottle design and even added fruit! It would actually be a really cool idea, but this is the vase from a lava lamp, so don’t be too quick to try it.

Too bad they are made out of 100% used coffee grinds.

Yeah, go ahead and fill your cup right up. Take a nice, long drink and enjoy the refreshing taste of….sewage.

Sure, they do look like little pillows of sugary goodness, but don’t bother trying them. You’ll get a mouthful of keyboard.

We understand that it’s really tempting to grab that gummy and run, but you’d burn yourself.

If you like hot stuff, then this is for you! One lick and your mouth will be on fire.

This carnival favorite is actually dryer lint. Too bad!

This burrito is thousands of years old. Beans frozen in time forever, what a glorious thing.

Just dip your apple slice right in there and take a big bite. It might taste a bit greasy though.

Jaw breakers are a delicious staple of the ’90s. Too bad this doesn’t taste like cherry, at all. And it will most likely actually break your jaw.

Just kidding! This looks like a light bulb.

No one wants to take a bite of a candle, but it probably smells good.

We’re wondering if it makes any noise.

The invitation said there would be chips and dip. This isn’t exactly what we were expecting.

Is that strawberry or cherry?

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve probably munched on some pocky.

They’re extremely rare and can only be found in remote parts of the world.

We’ve heard that it’s great on crackers, bread, and skin.

What looks like a great IPA is actually just some shampoo and conditioner.

Not only are they light and airy to eat, they also make pretty good earplugs.

They’ll end up just breaking your kid’s teeth. They shouldn’t be eating sugar anyways.

They sure do look a lot alike, but you better taste test before you go biting into this one. It could be a shocking lesson to learn.

What is with all of these companies making bath products that look like food?

The fact that it’s not cold should give it away.

We thought everyone has tried this delicacy before.

All of the best foods are forbidden. This is some pretty old stuff, so you might not want to try eating this one. But if you do, get some dental insurance first.

Throw them in some oil and fry these babies right up. They’re not done until they turn a nice shade of black.

If you find yourself walking past a group of these, make sure you grab one, or two. They don’t taste so bad with some ketchup and mustard.

They’re only used for packing and they honestly don’t taste very good. Almost like Styrofoam, actually.