Forever Alone Photos Of People More Single Than You Could Ever Be.

Forever Alone Photos Of People More Single Than You Could Ever Be. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever had those moments where you fear that you’ll be alone forever? Maybe you’ve seen someone eating at a restaurant by themselves and you automatically start singing the lyrics “All By Myself” in your head. Like it or not, people are social creatures. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to be part of a big crowd or any crowd all the time. Just take a look at these people who are so pathetically lonely that you’ll either fall on the floor, curl into a ball and laugh, because you’re a freaking sadist, or you’ll be stretching your arm to grab the nearest Kleenex box so you can cry.But when your friend is a stitched up anime character on a pillow, that’s just sad. Doesn’t this guy have any friends or loved ones that can get him a date with a real woman? At least he can use the pillow to wipe his tears away.

You realize that this is the ultimate warning sign when the only dance partner you can get on a dance floor full of people is your laptop. At least reach out and Skype someone, that way you can look a little tiny bit less pathetic.

If this ever happens to you, then you ought to do one of two things, go on Tinder or you can ask if you can join your friend and have that threesome you always wanted to scratch off your bucket list.

Uh, hm! This guy must be feeling pretty pathetic right now for taking out an ad to get perfect strangers to wish you a happy birthday. You almost feel sorry for him… almost.

Well, it clearly was because unlike a real woman, this one’s beauty is so superficial. You could even say that she’s two-dimensional. And yes, go ahead and post this on social media so you can ward off a real woman.

There’s nothing wrong with a teenager longing for a little booty, especially with all those raging hormones driving them nuts… literally! But this kid looks like the genetic love child of Norman Bates and Dexter. Are those really flowers he’s holding or is it an axe?

But it’s not so nice for the poor guy who is single at the prom and is only useful to keep another man’s girl from falling over.

Just ask all the male contestants on “Dancing With The Stars”. But if you’re going to dance the waltz, at least make sure to bring a real girl and not one who’s closest ancestor was a toaster oven.

Now wouldn’t that be romantic if dating your own shadow or an imaginary friend actually made people go aww. Sadly, it doesn’t, and this just looks pathetic.

But when you don’t have a clue how Tinder really works, you resort to this old style distress message on a newspaper ad. Geez dude! Go on the internet at once!

That’s fine though, because when there aren’t enough girls around, you can always become a tree-hugger and give Mother Nature some TLC.

The upside is that you can’t embarrass yourself in front of your significant other or have your friends laugh at you when you panic. The downside is that you look like a freaking loser.

Maybe if Donald had worn some pants, Daisy wouldn’t have been too embarrassed to be seen in public with him.

No matter where he goes or who he’s with, this mystery man is never far behind. Maybe he’s a ghost like that kid that was floating in the window during the filming of “Two Men And A Baby”.

Meanwhile, the other guy has his arms wrapped around two gorgeous women and all he can do is stand there looking like the loneliest and most pathetic man on the planet.

But it’s kind of sad to think that some guys get to have all the fun in the world when they’re young while others are simply sitting by their lonesome with only a few happy memories firing in their brain cells.

But don’t you dare go alone to a wedding, which seems to celebrate all the things you hate like love and companionship, because you don’t have that.

You don’t even have a friend to play Pac-Man alongside of you. So you’ll just have to keep hitting single player till the little figure starts to fade away.

Oh come on! You must be hungry with all those calories you’re burning with your tongue. Come on, have a few. You know you want some. Guys? GUYS!

Oopsie! Is your bae the invisible man? Maybe next time you ought to try to sell us this b.s. when you’re not taking the selfie in front of a mirror.

You probably won’t be coming yourself if all you do is play with Barbie dolls all day long instead of real women. Dude, at least get yourself some inflatable dolls so you can pound one out.

You won’t have to put up with any of the silly nuisance that you’ll get with a real girlfriend. Then again, you can’t exactly take her out on dates or introduce her to your friends. Well, you could, but everyone will simply feel sorry for you.

Microwave for one should also come with a handy pamphlet called Pathetic party for one, cause that’s what you’ll be if this is how you want to spend your life.

If he thinks he’s going to impress his classmates with this he’s in for a rude shock and a lot of bullying and teasing.

Gee, we’re wondering why the kid in the striped shirt feels so socially awkward. Could it be that he looks like he’d rather be anywhere but at this party?

Don’t go crying about it when you feel like an oddball for not participating. At least build a sandcastle or go for a swim.

Suddenly the playground doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun when there’s no one on the other side of the see-saw. Welcome to the real world, kid.

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