Fox Plucks Up Courage To Ask Hedgehog For Dinner… Regrets It.

Fox Plucks Up Courage To Ask Hedgehog For Dinner… Regrets It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Great friendships are formed during a good, hearty dinner. There is something about breaking bread with a complete stranger that allows you to be unassuming and welcoming. In the animal kingdom, things can quickly escalate when it comes to an animal’s meal. It is in their DNA to find, hunt, and eat. Another animal getting in the way of this instinctual behaviour knows only trouble can arise. Some woodland creatures, though, will ignore their natural order so not to appear rude and unappreciative to humans. Sue Massey in Leicester, England, loves nature and the animals that visit her home. She usually leaves a bowl of food and water in her garden for her guests. Her house is the favourite human hang-out for some creatures. Her food must be delicious as it’s not often you see two separate species willing to be in the same spot in harmony.A beautiful fox arrived, wanting to enjoy good food as well.

Although, there was not that much food left.

“We’ve got a lovely window for looking out at the garden and foxes and hedgehogs come regularly, but I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this,” she says.

The fox seemed to realize there was just not going to be enough food to fill its tummy.

Maybe next time, he should come to eat a little earlier.

->**Watch this adorable and peaceful encounter.**<-

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