20 Heartbreaking Photos That Will Portray The Fragility Of Life.

20 Heartbreaking Photos That Will Portray The Fragility Of Life. June 28, 2021

You never know what’s around the corner. You could lead a happy life well into your golden years, or it might all end suddenly and without reason tomorrow. You just never know when you’ll draw your last breath, or when someone else will draw theirs. In fact, the hardest lesson of all is that life is always fragile and most often unfair. So, here are a couple of photos that will remind everyone that life is a precious gift, but also very fragile. And before you know it, the gift is gone. Once you see these images, you’ll never be at war with yourself or anyone else again.It might be time to shed a tear for humanity. Thanks to greedy hunters and poachers, Northern White rhinos are pretty much extinct now.

In a moment, we might lose it all. Our belongings, years of work, and even our precious mementos and family trinkets. In this photo, a woman is getting carried outside of her home after a flood destroyed her home.

This son decided to do something about the last voicemail his mom sent him. He turned it into a soundwave and had a tattoo artist ink it on his arm so he would always have his mom’s last words with him.

And once again, the city that never sleeps responded with resilience and courage. 41-year-old Eric Fleming got on one knee in front of a memorial shrine to pay homage to the victims of this senseless attack.

Some people work their whole lives and have no material possessions to show. Others work the bare minimum and live cozy lifestyles. This picture is the true embodiment of the imbalance between rich and poor.

The destructive category 5 storm tore up trees, houses, toppling power lines and blocking roads around Cuba. But luckily, a team of handlers from Cayo Guillermo Dolphinarium were prepping their dolphins to transfer them hours before Irma was about to strike.

It can reduce all your possessions and memories to nothing but a pile of ash and charred wood. This man managed to fetch some of his belongings before they were consumed by the fire that burnt down his home. Here he is in the outskirts of Jammu, India, giving his family members a call.

Spilled oil can be very poisonous, whether animals get exposed internally or externally. It messes with their ability to protect themselves from the cold water, and many animals end up dying from hypothermia. Thankfully, for every evildoer, there’s a team of rescuers willing to volunteer their time and energy to help out in any way they can. This time, the volunteers are cleaning up a pelican that was affected by the leak.

Most of us are oblivious to how lucky we are as a species. As humans, we’re able to speak, express ourselves, and ask for water and food when we’re hungry. But a defenseless animal wouldn’t make it on its own if it weren’t for some human compassion.

11-year-old Isabella is holding one of six underweight and malnourished flamingos that were found at a shallow seawater lagoon. Over the last couple of years, the Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab center has been feeding and nourishing juvenile birds that have been found in tragic conditions.

In this image, the boy is sitting on the floor staring at a photo of his military dad who sadly passed away. It’s a hard and heartbreaking reality that some military families face when their loved ones head off to war.

Here’s proof that adoption isn’t just for humans. While her little ones may not actually be hers, the proud doggy momma couldn’t care less. And really, this should come as no surprise. Mammals have the same system and brain structure we do when it comes to emotions, so clearly, this is one mommy who’s enjoying her new parenting role.

The age gap between this newborn baby and their grandparents is insane. While the grandparents have already done it all and seen pretty much everything there is to see, this newborn baby’s got a long way to go before they even learn how to walk and spell their ABCs.

The 3-legged pup had to get its leg amputated after it got caught in a trap. Unfortunately, it was abandoned by its owners and was on the verge of being put down. But now thanks to its new prosthetic leg, Shadow is living and loving life after he was taken in by Sara May.

Judging by her reaction, he made her wildest dreams come true. Well, we’re not crying, you’re crying! Now pass the Kleenex box, please!

Ocean waste is covering about 70% of the planet. Not only that, but we can’t count on most governments to put in mandatory recycling programs in place that are strictly followed through. Companies can’t be bothered to make containers we can easily refill at any Target or Costco. We continue to buy shampoo bottles and conditioners every month, only to throw away the containers and repurchase new ones, never wondering where it’s all going to end up. What does the future hold for us if we keep going this way?

Abdellatif Allami is taking a stroll with his 3-year-old daughter Sara in the Harat Al-Masna’a slum. The slum is home to about 231 families who used to work in the factory. The government used to give them a basic $120 a month pension, but they’ve ceased payments a few years ago. Now they rely on donations.

Here’s a photo of a man walking near a homeless camp that was set up under a bridge. An extreme snowstorm is approaching. But instead of being taken to a shelter, they’re braving out the high winds and ice in a tiny tent out in the open.

People are able to survive, endure, and flourish after going through traumatic events. It’s our innate ability to bounce back that makes us truly unbreakable. Almost everyone’s familiar with the 1936 portrait “Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange. But there are two versions doing the rounds online. The original pic, which features a migrant woman, and one where she’s missing a thumb. The latter was photoshopped.

This little girl is standing over the ashes of the place she used to call home. Fire may have ravaged these people’s homes, but they stand still, ready to rebuild and start all over again.