Pup With Deformity Was Slated For Death, Until A Loving Human Said “No Way.”

Pup With Deformity Was Slated For Death, Until A Loving Human Said “No Way.” January 27, 2019

A dog doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, a man or a woman, old or young. They simply want to give and receive love. Raising a pet is no easy work. It goes beyond the cuddles and playing fetch. It requires time and patience to train them to be an indoor animal. Additionally, there are costs involved beyond buying food. Depending on the breed, some canines require more grooming than others. Furthermore, dental and overall health check-ups are essential in keeping the animal in tip top shape.Sadly, he was born with swimmer syndrome. A condition that makes it impossible for him to stand or walk.

The breeder decided to euthanize Casper as it appeared the animal was going to be a financial burden.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue contacted Gina, an acuscope biotechnician, to let her know of the breeder’s plan. Gina immediately took Casper to the vet. The prognosis broke her heart but she was determined to help the pup. In addition to having swimmer’s syndrome, Casper also had a weak heart. The only silver lining to the whole situation was that the doctor mentioned that Casper might walk in about three months or so if everything went as planned. The chances of that happening were very little.

Initially, she thought he was deaf as he was very quiet. The first night, she cleaned him, wrapped him in a soft T-shirt. She placed him on the bed and slept beside him. Gina was doubtful Casper would make it through the night.

Casper was walking by the second day he was home. Within 10 days, Casper was moving around without his wraps. Proof to never give up on life.