Freaky Coincidences That Prove The Matrix Is Real.

Freaky Coincidences That Prove The Matrix Is Real. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The matrix we live in may seem ordinary to the naked eye, but if you pay close attention to your surroundings, you might spot a glitch every once in a while. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you were looking into a mirror? Or have you ever seen double of a person that’s not supposed to be there? It’s almost as if the universe is skipping a CD. It may even sometimes look like several alternate realities lining up next to each other. Check out some of the glitches that other fortunate people have spotted in the photos below.They don’t know each other but it looks like they fit together. They’re even wearing the same brand!

Lets hope they aren’t choosing the same movie rental.

So did all of you fellas plan this or what?

These two pairs should go on a double date. They obviously share the same taste.

Person person2 = person1.clone(); person2.setGender(Gender.female);

Blonde-girl-starter-pack? Beanies and furry hood jackets?

Are those IV bags hanging down from above?

Which reality do you think you’re in?

Dopplegangers? Twin convention? Did they even acknowledge each other before dozing off?

Even the shirt collars are identical. But one is left handed, and the other is right handed.

The real glitch is that they’re both laughing at this post.

Nothing like returning to the scene of the advertisement, eh?

Did a memo go out to wear leather jackets and jeans?

He wasn’t sure if he was seeing things right, and neither are we.

But then I saw the bag and the letters. You two must shop at the same store.

They should just share a table together.

This… this is… what kind of SORCERY took PLACE here?!

That kid definitely has super powers, it has to be the same kid!

They definitely got us fooled for walking at two different speeds.

This one is just plain trippy.

This is too big of a coincidence!

He must be enjoying the newspaper with himself on the cover.

Quit playing, acting like you two don’t know each other! Right? Right?!

It’s a reverse glitch!!!

I guess it was just a cheetah print feeling type of day.

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