Bizarre Photos That Prove There’s A Glitch In The Matrix.

Bizarre Photos That Prove There’s A Glitch In The Matrix. March 8, 2020

Coincidences are common in life. Haven’t we run into an old acquaintance we haven´t seen in forever, while we’re on vacation? But these photos are beyond coincidences. They prove that we probably live in the Matrix. If so, we could certainly use a red pill about now.

It might seem like this was Photoshopped. But if you look closely you’ll see that there are two women here. This appears to have been taken in China, which explains the odd factor, but we won´t deny the fact that it´s left us unsettled. Now, let’s take a trip back in time to the west.

We wouldn’t be as impressed if this was the fifties because that was the era of Elvis Presley and James Dean, who made leather jackets and jeans fashionable, particularly for young rebels. But it looks like blonde women are unleashing their rebellious side and giving this style a much-needed comeback. Enjoy your leather jacket for now, because as soon as you’re older you’ll be at the same store, shopping like these two gals.

Old ladies tend to prefer clothing that contains flowered patterns, which is what we’d expect. But these ladies are kicking fashion up a notch and wearing blouses with the same color scheme. They’re also sporting the same hairdo. They probably go to the same club to play bingo. The proof there’s a glitch in the Matrix isn´t just limited to human beings either.

Are they Siamese cats? These two cats don´t just look identical, they also sleep in the exact same position. One of them probably figured out how using their legs as a pillow was oh-so-comfortable, and the other noticed its sibling sleeping peacefully and decided to do the same. Reality-defying flukes are also present in nature itself too.

There’s a rare phenomenon in nature where you get double the rainbow, and it’s so odd that it’s worth posting on Instagram. But have you heard of or seen an octuple rainbow? It looks like God was feeling extra cheerful on this day. You know who else was feeling extra cheerful? These sisters.

We’d suspect that this was Photoshopped if it weren’t for the different belt. These twins look exactly alike. They also seem to go to the same gym and do the exact same amount of crunches because their abs are identical. Cats are also an apparent glitch in the Matrix as this next photo will prove.

There’s nothing you can tell us that will make us believe these felines weren’t trained in a circus or that these paw-licking moves, which are so coordinated, weren’t part of a musical number choreographed to the Cats official soundtrack. Now, get ready because the Wachowski sisters will blow your mind.

Keanu Reeves never imagined that the Matrix was real when he took on the role of Neo. Now he has to deal with the consequences, because his world and his counterpart have collided, and he sees Neo everywhere. Just look at this guy at a pizza joint, who is sporting a helmet for some odd reason. If you noticed someone with the same shade of blue hair as yours, you’d wear a helmet too.

To stand out from the crowd, some people will dye their hair an insane color. So, if you happen to be one of these people, you would probably be upset if you found yourself next to someone who’s wearing the same style of clothing, and the same hair color hue as you. But, would you be upset if you happened to be one of these guys?

Guys aren’t often comfortable wearing a pink shirt, especially when the shorts they’re wearing aren’t cargo short. But when you run into two dudes with the same outfit, including similar gray cardigans, it can feel weird. They probably texted their friend as soon as they realized it. Would you notice the similarities if you were one of the following guys?

When guys don’t like to think too much about fashion, they resort to wearing something common, like plaid shirts. But it’s still odd and a bit funny to find these two guys at the theater looking so alike and not noticing the similarities. An accident is one thing, doing it intentionally is weirder…

It’s difficult to tell if these girls are quadruplets, regular sisters, or if they’re even related, but this photo is definitely screaming sister wives for some reason. One thing’s for sure. They love olive jackets, ripped jeans, and long, blonde hair. If a club forced you to look like everyone else, would you join it?

The weird thing about this photo is that they’re both headed to and coming from the gym wearing the same hairdo and gray t-shirts. Perhaps the gym has some sort of odd requirement that forces all its members to wear the same clothing style, sort of like army uniforms. But maybe it doesn’t seem weird to you, and you’d like to be just like these next girls.

These two gals sure know how to twin. Aside from dressing alike and looking the same, they also seem to have been practicing the same routine in gymnastics. The splits they’re doing are like mirror images because they’re so perfect. Would you be willing to bet that those girls will look like these two ladies when they grow up?

They may not be twins, but there’s no way these two women aren’t related. They’ve got the same curly perms and are wearing the same style of clothing. Then again, even if they are twins, the spitting image thing is a bit odd, because when have you heard of elderly ladies in matching outfits just walking around?