Freddy Krueger The Parrot Survives Kidnapping, Gunshot, And Snakebite.

Freddy Krueger The Parrot Survives Kidnapping, Gunshot, And Snakebite. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you think you’re having bad luck, wait until you hear about one unlucky Amazonian parrot in Brazil. His name is Freddy Krueger and his life is a total nightmare! Unlike most birds who get to live peacefully in a cage or roam freely in a zoo habitat, Freddy has had one horrible experience after another. His life sounds like something you’d see in “Rio,” the 2011 animated film about a bird captured by smugglers and forced to fend for himself and evade danger along the way. But this is the real world and Freddy has had to tackle his own drama, and yet somehow, he lived to tell the tale.On April 16, 2019, Freddy was taken from a zoo located in Cascavel, Brazil, but was returned two days later. Sadly, this was just one of several horrible things that have happened to the adorable bird recently.

Freddy was caught in a shootout between cops and gangsters when the place he was living in got raided. Unfortunately, the Amazonian parrot was caught in the line of fire and took a bullet to his upper-beak.

In the movie version, Freddy was facially disfigured from a fire, and the Amazonian bird could certainly relate to that. He too suffered burns to the feathers between his eyes and was blinded after his upper-beak got hit by that bullet.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go smoothly at the zoo either. A month ago, he suffered a snake bite in the leg. Thankfully, the snake wasn’t poisonous, but he did bleed a lot before the wound was treated successfully.

The raiders defeated the security guard, broke the bars to the storeroom windows where the parrots lived, and placed Freddy and another bird inside a gas cylinder. But this kidnapping had a happy ending.

He was found under a pine tree next to his cage, but no one is sure if Freddy escaped and flew home or if he was simply abandoned. But the fact that the parrot had a disfigured face may be the reason why he was let go. Meanwhile, the other parrot’s whereabouts remains a mystery.

Freddy’s species is native to South America and can be found in areas like northern Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil. They’re also extremely loud, social and very smart, which makes them very difficult to live with.

Pet owners and zookeepers know that the best way to keep these parrots happy is to interact with them or keep them busy with toys. Sadly, Freddy isn’t the only one of his kind who’s unlucky. Frequent capture and deforestation could lead to their extinction and that would truly be a nightmare.

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