These Off-Grid Parents Are Sick Of The Rat Race, Their Solution Is Genius.

These Off-Grid Parents Are Sick Of The Rat Race, Their Solution Is Genius. July 28, 2018

When it comes to child-rearing and parenting, the world is full of advice, tips, and tricks for parents to follow. Usually, it comes with a healthy side serving of know-it-all attitude, as each parent believes they’re the one who is really got it all figured out. Sometimes, seeking out parenting advice can even feel competitive: Am I doing it right? Is it safe? Will the other parents respect me if I make these choices? Well, the Allens are parents who don’t care about any of that. Their choices are certainly unconventional, but for them, that’s kind of the point. They want to raise their children in such a way that keeps them healthy, happy, and unburdened by modern stresses and competition. Not everyone will agree with their methods, but they’re interesting ideas nonetheless. Meet the Allens and their children in the story below, and see just how far they’re willing to go to get their message across.They firmly believe in using the all-natural approach to parenting, which means a lot more than you might think. They’ve developed a guide to “off-the-grid” parenting that appeals to those who are sick of doing things the conventional way.

Instead, they believe in natural medicine, including homeopathic remedies and using herbs and tinctures to treat infection. They also stick firmly to a raw diet, which they believe will keep them in optimal health.

“[We believe in] home schooling. Education is important but we don’t think we should be pushing traditional learning on the kids at a young age,” the Allens wrote in a blog post. “We will eventually start to home school him rather than mainstream school.”

According to the Allens, the point of their lifestyle is to become completely self-sufficient, free from the pressures of normal society. Eventually, they plan to move to Costa Rica, build their own home, grow their own food, and have access to wildlife in a way that most people don’t.

**For more on the Allens and their unusual story, check out the video below.**