French Designer Constructs Gowns That Are Seriously Out Of This World.

French Designer Constructs Gowns That Are Seriously Out Of This World. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Sylvie Facon may not be Cinderella’s fairy godmother, but you’d swear that she has magical powers. The French designer creates some amazing fairy-tale style gowns that turn fiction into reality, but you won’t believe what she uses for materials. We’re not just talking fabric here. Facon uses the spines of old books, and a violin, to craft the most amazing dresses that you’ve never seen before. In fact, many of her works represent the best of French fashion and history like the Hommage à Arras, which pays tribute to the historic French town of Arras.It’s ironic that this dress is next to spineless books since the dress itself has book spines added in the design.

The words in a book can be lovely, but so can the spine, which acts like a corset in this design.

This marriage of literature and fashion looks good enough to… read. But don’t touch, please!

It really does look like something a Disney princess would wear to a ball to meet her prince.

Facon broke all barriers and apparently some violins to create this melody-inspired gown.

Notice the bow sticking out of the back and the sheet music that’s blended into the design.

We’d love to see someone dancing in this dress. The tones and color would bedazzle!

Love gardening? Facon created a dress that would have Mother Nature knocking on her door.

The illustration by Didier Graffet inspired this knight dress. We’re getting a “Sleeping Beauty” vibe.

This fashion masterpiece is the Hommage à Arras dress that depicts the historic French town of Arras.

Just look at how amazing it looks on her as she stands on the balcony like a princess in her castle.

This model is looking divine in this dreamy dress and might actually outshine the actual town itself.

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