Best Friends Got Pregnant And Gave Birth On Same Day!

Best Friends Got Pregnant And Gave Birth On Same Day! January 27, 2020

Life can be a little rough sometimes, so it’s always nice to have someone that’s there when you need them. That’s when having a best friend comes into play. A best friend is the person you call when you’ve had your heart broken, or need advice about a new outfit, and the person you want to do everything with. These two best friends took that last part a little too seriously. Keep reading to find out about how they found out they were pregnant at the same time, not just once, but twice!”We met when we were in kindergarten and were friends all throughout our childhood, but it wasn’t until after high school that we became as close as we are today,” said Nicole in an interview.

They live in two different states, but still talk to each other all of the time. And like most best friends, they want to do everything together…

Well, they didn’t exactly get married on the same day, but they did get married in the same year! And a year after they each got married, Nicole and Alicia received some amazing news!

Alicia didn’t know it at the time, but Nicole had something to tell her, too! She was going to have a baby, as well. But that wasn’t the biggest surprise the girls would experience!

“I won’t forget that phone call. I was driving home from work when she told me. I was so excited when she told me her due date, which was the same due date as me, that I had to pull over. I started crying with excitement,” said Alicia.

Because they were going through the same thing, it was easy for them to relate to each other. This was especially true when they both went past their due date.

“I remember texting her during labor being like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,'” Alicia said. Nicole ended up giving birth to her daughter, Charlotte, only five hours before Alicia!

“At one point she texted me [a picture of] her baby girl Charlotte and I remember saying congrats and then my doctor said, ‘It’s time to start pushing,'” recalls Alicia. Alicia then gave birth to her son, Anthony John.

“I really think having her to fall back on during those first few weeks is what kept me sane,” Nicole said. “We both try to be as positive as possible, seeing the funny in situations that could very easily make us cry if we didn’t have one another to laugh with.”

In 2017, Alicia had a miscarriage. “Nicole was there for me the entire time. Again, she was my first friend I told when I was pregnant and my first phone call when I lost the baby,” Alicia said.

Nicole told Alicia that her daughter, Charlotte, was going to be a big sister! Alicia said she thought she was pregnant again, too, but she was afraid to take a pregnancy test.

“I insisted she take a test while I was on the phone with her, and sure enough it was positive,” said Nicole. The test turned out to be positive! They were going to be pregnant together again! But just wait until you hear the best part!

“We both laughed so hard talking about how we couldn’t have planned this if we tried, which we 100 percent did not plan at all!” said Nicole. “That’s how I knew everything truly happens for a reason!” Alicia commented.