Important Reasons Why ‘Friendsgiving’ Is Actually The Best Holiday.

Important Reasons Why ‘Friendsgiving’ Is Actually The Best Holiday. November 23, 2018

You could have probably guessed but Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving dinner you have with friends. We’re not exactly sure when the tradition started but we do know that it is a fairly new one. Friendsgiving was first mentioned on Urban Dictionary in 2009 where it was described as a celebration that usually occurs on the Wednesday before or Friday after Thanksgiving. Despite this, there is no designated date for it. Friends typically celebrate on a day that is most convenient for everyone in the group. Why would you throw a Friendsgiving if you have Thanksgiving dinner with your family? The thing is, not everyone is home for Thanksgiving. They may be miles away at school or work. There are some people that are home for Thanksgiving but choose to have a Friendsgiving anyway. It’s especially popular among young adults. This is because all or at least most of their friends return home for the holidays and it’s a rare chance for everyone to get together. We’re sure you’re capable of throwing a fine Friendsgiving celebration on your own but here are some tips just in case.An intimate dinner is the most popular option but these ladies pulled off a fun party. One of the guests even performed some songs for the occasion.

We don’t usually think of pastels during Thanksgiving but this works out great. Puns are fun year round.

Fresh flowers always liven up the room. You can use a bouquet as a centerpiece or spread them among little vases throughout the table.

This group of friends spent their Friendsgiving at No Kid Hungry. Here’s what one of the participants said of the experience, “Did you know 13 million kids in the US struggle with hunger? By hosting a #friendsgiving with #nokidshungry you can not only bring a smile to a kids face but provide nutritious food to their bellies. I’m honored to be a part of these women who empower, inspire and encourage one another.”

If one person volunteered their place, check on them to make sure that they aren’t in charge of too much. It makes sense if they’re the one preparing the turkey as it would be difficult and maybe even dangerous to transport. If possible, show up early to offer a helping hand.

You don’t need to have a set menu but at the very least, know who is preparing the main dishes, sides, and desserts.

One reddit user laid their table with parchment over foil for some waterproof protection.

This Instagram user brought Australian sweet treats to their Friendsgiving so that everyone could have a taste of home according to them.

Compile a list of everyone’s favorite songs or artists and put together a playlist. When all else fails, instrumental or Christmas music will set the mood.

You don’t need to be a health guru to worry about how many calories you consume on Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving Day. The average American reportedly eats about 3,000 calories worth of food plus another 1,500 in snacks and beverages. The Calorie Control Council says that nearly half these calories come straight from fat. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your special meal. Go on a morning hike or play flag football. There are also clean versions of your favorite dishes.

Keep in mind that not everyone drinks. This isn’t a night to get drunk, a few glasses for each person is ideal especially if they’re driving.

I went to a party once where the host only had 4 sets of silverware. Discuss how you want to go about this beforehand so you’re not stuck doing this.

For dessert, some popular options include pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie. If you’re short on time, don’t feel ashamed about buying something from the store. Local bakeries or anything from your local supermarket (e.g. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) are wonderful. After all, you’re among friends. Going back to our planning tip, make sure that too many people aren’t bringing dessert. You don’t want the table looking like Candyland.

How often do you get to sit down with all your friends for dinner? It’s perfectly fine to snap or gram your hard work or a photo with your friends but don’t be on your phone all night.

This is a time to be present with your friends and show your gratitude. You should alway be this way but Friendsgiving is a reminder of that. You’ll have enough drama at Thanksgiving dinner with your family anyway.