Frog That Looks Like Princess Leia Inspires Galactic Photoshop Battle.

Frog That Looks Like Princess Leia Inspires Galactic Photoshop Battle. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The Internet today is filled with Photoshop battles and each one just gets funnier and funnier. Today we take a look at a frog that has an uncanny resemblance to Princess Leia from Star Wars. The original photo was taken by Indonesian photographer, Tanto Yensen. He regularly takes amazing photos of frogs so it was only a matter of time until he came across a special one that the Internet would take a liking to. However, not everyone thinks the frog looks like Leia. Others seem to see George Washington or Beethoven. Everyone’s got a different perspective, who do you see when you look at this frog?

Frog for President 2020!

Doesn’t this Leia look more badass?

“You’re my only croak.”

This techno frog is about to drop the set of the year.

Making decisions must be so hard.

The frog probably could have done better without the eyebrows.

The real star crossed lovers.

The frog must be employee of the month.

I’ve never noticed how similar the two looked until now.

Not sure how I feel about this one.

I love how modern everything looks.

But there’s something about her face that distracts you.

Get your hands on one now before it sells out.

Didn’t know this frog could look anymore badass.

Didn’t know snail hair could look so good.

“I could probably step on you.”

Women loose their minds when he shakes his hips.

Make the right choice when choosing your auto insurance.

“This is Sparta!!!!!”

Doesn’t the frog make the movie poster more complete?

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