He Wore A Tacky Dress To His Friend’s Funeral. The Reason Why Crushed Me…

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This is Kevin Elliot.

Barry Delaney and Kevin Elliott have been friends for years, since 2005. They were introduced by Elliot's sister, and hit it off as buddies almost immediately. They spent their youths drinking in pubs in Dundee, UK, becoming inseparable. The one thing that could tear these best friends apart? Elliot's military tours in combat zones. Elliott had enlisted in years previous, while Delaney stuck around home working odd jobs and making ends meet. The pair would hang out as much as possible when Elliott was home, and on his last visit before being deployed to Afghanistan, they had a troubling conversation. Elliott was hypothesizing about his funeral, and both were laughing -- despite the fact that there was a level of discomfort in the air about the topic. Little did they know that what they promised one another would come into play shortly thereafter. Read about Delaney's final promise to his friend -- it's enough to break your heart.Elliot was a soldier in Afghanistan. Sadly, this young man was killed in an ambush orchestrated by the Taliban.


Elliot was a career soldier, serving several terms.

His friend Delaney worked odd jobs back and home, and was devastated when he was killed.

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Elliot was committed to his service, but something bothered him.

In his last tour, he was anxious to come home, hit with the overwhelming feeling that something bad could happen.

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And before Elliot died, he made Delaney take a solemn vow.

They agreed that if he was killed, Delaney would have to wear something very special to Elliot's funeral.

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That's right: Their promise was that Delaney would wear a neon dress to his funeral.

And as you can see, that's exactly what he did.


The promise wasn't exactly carried out accurately.

The guys had decided that Delaney would wear a pink dress with green polka dots. He couldn't find that garment exactly.

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So, he settled for the best thing he could find.

A neon yellow dress with a sweetheart neckline, and bright pink socks. The pact was Elliott's idea.

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Hundreds of people came out to honor Elliot.

He was well loved by many members of his community, and especially by his family and friends.

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It's always difficult when soldiers have to lay one of their own to rest.

And the fact that most of these men are young, just starting out their lives is incredibly tragic.

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Unfortunately, there's no easy way to go through this.

And as long as there is conflict in the world, the risk of this happening will always be there.

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All Elliot's family and friends could do now was mourn.

And while they were heartbroken, they also wanted to remember his memory, including all of the positive things about him.

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And while they did, he was given a proper soldier's burial.

The armed guards fired rounds into the air in his honor.

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While Delaney's outfit choice was a coy nod to his friend, it wasn't all laughs.

No matter how hard you try to find humor during pain, sometimes, you just have to let your true feelings show.

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Everyone was beside themselves.

Clearly, Elliot made a huge impact while he was on this earth.

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When asked about Elliot, Delaney said that he just wanted people to laugh.

He described him as a "live wire" whose goal was to bring joy to people around him.

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People at the funeral all knew why he was doing what he was doing.

"There were a few raised eyebrows, a few looks, but everyone was aware of the promise I had made Kevin," said Delaney.

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There's no getting around the pain of something like this, but Delaney just tried to preserve the best memories of his friend

"Every moment with Kevin was a good time, he wanted to put a smile on everyone's face."

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