15 Trolls Who Used Christmas Gifts As Their Weapon Of Choice.

15 Trolls Who Used Christmas Gifts As Their Weapon Of Choice. December 29, 2018

For the last few days now everyone has been sharing some of their favorite gifts they received online. Social media is an awesome place to find all kinds of funny content. Since everyone seems to be attached to one platform or another now, there is never a loss of interesting things to find. Especially now that Christmas is over and gifts received are being shared. Some people have a good sense of humor and they let it show through the gifts they give. Some however, go way above the call of duty. Like the one you will see that looked like a guitar only to turn out to be a video game, only to turn out to not actually be a video game. It’s obvious a ton of thought went into that one and it certainly is funny but it’s way beyond the simple funny joke. Then you will see a disturbing photo of a dad trying on their kids’ pajamas to see if they will fit. To see if they will fit who? That one is a bit odd and it’s a good thing the kids didn’t wake up and see that in the kitchen. They may not have been able to go back to sleep! But it brings up the question of just how big are their kids? There are a bunch of funny photos here for you to enjoy. Some of them might give you some good ideas for next year!