Hilarious Couples Who Have Figured The Relationship Thing Out.

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Hold on! Just need to change this shirt before we go to the hospital. As if labor pains weren't bad enough.

If you've made it through your five years of marriage, congrats! If you're still married ten years later, what's your freaking secret?! No seriously! We want to know! They say that the key to a happy, long-lasting marriage involves a lot of patience and a good sense of humor. Fortunately, these couples have plenty of both and have shared some hilarious photos to prove that life is grand. It seems that happily ever after only goes so far, especially when your better half messes with your dessert or starts doing something that just annoys you. Then all gloves come on and your significant other starts point out all of your annoying habits.

You think alike! You talk alike! You also happen to gift alike! It's the facts of married life!


One advantage of being single is that you wouldn't have to share both halves with anyone else.


That time that your hubby keeps you posted about the pizza delivery guy, even though he's next to you.


When you've been married this long, napping in a scissoring position is the ultimate celebration.

This is why you never allow your hubby to buy you lingerie online with your account.


A hand mixer? Ha! That's for amateurs! A power tool is more of a manly man solution.


When you married a toothpaste monster who can't seem to keep the tiny lid closed.


When your husband tries to make you feel body positive about your pregnancy and fails.


When a simple texting mishap can make your wife question her own role in the marriage.


This husband may wear the pants, but there's only one real boss in this family.


The time when your hubby used your lap as a pillow and you were too busy reading to care.

How can anyone forget that they're loved in this world when they have a wife who does this?


The key to a happy marriage is one where your wife surprises you with a game of hide and go seek.

It's all fun and games until you ask her to be open and honest and she serves you coffee in this.

This wife wanted everyone to know who the gassy one was in this marriage was.

You know you're in it for the long haul when everything in your marriage is clear like an x-ray.

When your wife is rooting for you in everything you do, even when you go number 2.

When Mr. Monthly comes for a visit, the only thing that will appease his wife is cold fudge.

You love the way she packs your lunch when she thinks you're totally concussed.

Your idea of a good time involves pizza, and a date with Belle, the Beast, and your significant other.

When you were middle school sweethearts then, and you're life-long sweethearts now.

The time she found out in her heart to forgive you for shoving her into the ocean.

The moment your husband's romantic scavenger hunt turns into a stinky situation.

You asked for a Coach bag, and you wound up with a themed bag from an old cancelled sitcom.