25 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Caught In Seriously Funny Positions.

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The dog that got ahold of the pillows, and the cats that are reaping all the glorious benefits.

Despite the fact that they can't talk to you or tell you how they feel, each dog has its own distinct personality. It shines through their mannerisms, the wag of their tails, and the way they greet you when you come home. Some dogs have the sullen, melancholy disposition that you'd usually expect from a cat, and some just seem overjoyed to be alive. And every once in awhile, you get a dog that's downright hilarious. These are 25 of those dogs. The looks on their faces just lets you know that they're basically the equivalent of the funny kid in the class - #23 will totally crack you up.

The dog that slept through the rainstorm.

The dog that has been waiting all winter for this.

The dog that decided to have an intervention with his best friend.

The dog who gets it, and the dog who doesn't.

The dog who lets it be known, in his own way, that he wants to come in.

The dogs who are competing for attention.

The dogs that made some rough decisions.

The dog who had a battle with a leaf blower.

The dog who doesn't understand why you must brush her.

The dog who likes to look tough in his selfies.

The dog who accidentally ate a bee.

The dog that loves the luxurious feeling of pantyhose.

The dog who is an accomplished yogi.

The dog who sleeps on your lap and farts in your face.

The dog who just wants to get out of the damn car.

The dog who might have a drinking problem.

The dog who has been waiting for you, lover.

The dog who is here to ruin your photos.

Chicken Nugget, the most handsome of all the dogs.

The dog who loves to work out at home.

The dog that's had a hard day of doggin'.

The dog that can't wait 'till Christmas.

The dog who just met his idol.

The cutest little dog being tended to.