What Do Your Feet Say About Your Personality?

What Do Your Feet Say About Your Personality? January 13, 2018

Feet come in all different shapes and sizes and every person has different feet from others. Some people have wide feet, while others have narrow ones. The toes, the size, and even the arch of the foot can vary from person to person and these characteristics of the feet can tell us the personality type of a person.There are many different kinds of feet. The length of the fingers and their alignment can change the whole look of a person’s feet. And each type tells a different thing about the person.

The Roman foot is the most common type of foot. People with Roman foot are usually very social and outgoing.

If all your toe fingers are almost identical in length, then you have a square foot. People with square feet are very practical and rational. They have a calm personality.

When the second toe is the longest, then you have a Greek foot. People with Greek feet are very talented, confident and inspiring. They can also be somewhat stubborn.

In a stretched foot, the toe size decreases from the thumb. These kinds of feet are long and thin. People with stretched feet are sensitive and secretive. They can tend to be quite impulsive too.

When you are unable to separate the little toe, then it means you are a very loyal and trustworthy person. People with inseparable little toe form great life partners and companions.

If you can separate your little toe, then it means you are and creative, adventurous being. You are easily bored with routine and want frequent changes in your life.

When the little toe is completely at the side and sometimes is even hidden behind the fingers, then this signifies that such people have a rebellious side and like to do things their way.

People who have a gap between their second and third toe are usually considered very logical and rational. That is why they have the ability to separate their emotions from their work.

People with a tilted toe tend to be organized. They are always ahead of the game and know how to handle every situation.

If your second toe has a narrow base then this means you have an expressive personality. You know how to voice your opinions and can bring a change.

We all have different feet width. Some of us have narrow feet while others have wide feet.

People with wide feet are hardworking and know how to get things done.

People with narrow feet try to enjoy life the way it is. They find the little things more important.

People with flat feet are realistic and live their life according the realities.

People with arched feet are intellectual and dreamers. They are independent and enjoy being alone.

People with big feet are usually good leaders and can dictate their orders.

People with small feet are usually very wise and mature. But they can also have tendencies towards jealousy and envy.

People who have long big toe know exactly how to manage every situation. Such people have a good business mind.

People with long second toe can be opinionated and confident. They also have good leadership qualities.

If you have toes neatly in a line, they you are methodical and practical. If your toes are squeezed and can get over one another, you might have trust issues.

If your toes bend towards the big toe, then you have a hard tile letting go your past and if your toes bend towards your little toe, then you are always in a hurry and don’t know how to stay calm.

If your heals are always cracked, then you are a decisive leader who can deal any kind of obstacle.

If your feet always get swelled then this could be a sign that you need to learn to express your emotions freely and clearly.

If your feet are splayed then this means you are talkative and think it is fine to show off a little. If you can put gap between your toes then it means your career is very important for you.