Hurricane Irma Brought Out The Humor In Some Floridians.

Hurricane Irma Brought Out The Humor In Some Floridians. September 12, 2019

If there’s one thing Floridians know how to do besides soak up the sun, it’s how to handle a hurricane. From Andrew on August 24th, 1992, to Charley, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, and recently, Irma, Floridians will either get out of dodge, or board up the windows and brave the storm. But during Irma’s bout of destruction, folks decided to face the storm with a bit of humor. So, as the category three hurricane headed towards them, Florida residents spray painted messages on their boarded-up windows, and they’re absolutely hilarious. But it wasn’t just residents, even businesses got into the spirit of things.But you’re not likely going to find too many folks who are willing to give up either of these things up so easily, not even to find shelter from the horrible storm.

Much like captains are willing to go down with the ship, these business owners were willing to go down with their business, or at least, the letters on this sign.

But instead of fighting fire with fire, Floridians seem to be willing to use Mother Nature’s fury, but only if the storm cooperates, and doesn’t downgrade into a tropical storm during the long journey.

Irma might not have been Santa Claus, but Christmas did come early for one person who was gifted a trampoline, which was more or less intact.

But this family didn’t allow the Hurricane to dampen their team spirit, particularly for the Buffalo Bills, who were playing and has had its ups and downs, but never give up.

Never say that Floridians aren’t daredevils, even when they’re joking. But a few folks actually have been known to go surfing against the surging tides caused by the storm, and if this sign was legit, then he’s surfed through three hurricanes, and Irma makes four.

Either the Buffalo Bills were going to lose or Irma was going to leave him homeless, but that’s okay, because he was feeling quite powerful himself with a drill in his hand.

So, this person decided to cut through the tension and find the humor in an otherwise grim situation. Hopefully, he stocked up on some pizza from Domino’s, or Papa John’s, cause even cold pizza tastes good when there’s nothing else to eat.

Since the formation of the earth’s atmosphere, hurricanes have been smacking into the lower east coast, and it’s still standing. You’re just the latest nuisance of the season, and they’re not afraid of you.

Now come on! You’ve seen the meme ERMAHGERD, which was turned into Irma Gerd by a resident of Port St. Lucie, and while Irma is no laughing matter, Floridians find ways to laugh anyway.

They must have figured that as long as folks are stopping by to satiate their curiosity, they might as well learn more about the threat to sea turtles and their cause.

But this painting of Bart Simpson mooning Irma ahead of its eventual landfall is epic. Sure, Floridians are a strong bunch, but they also know how much hurricanes blow.

So this store owner figured they’d shield their business with the word of God, spread a little Psalm verse and hopefully prove that his faith was strong enough to keep his place intact.

Remember when people would spray paint “you loot we shoot”? Well, now they’ve gotten a little less militant and pointed out that the store is empty. Right, like that’s going to keep a thief from breaking in.

But hopefully she blew in a completely different direction, away from this place of business, or Irma might retaliate and turn into a raging wind.

Well, it looks like some Floridians aren’t happy that Zimmerman is still living in Central Florida, and Irma might have been some people’s prayers being answered to do a little house cleaning.

At least you won’t have to spend lots of money on a tree this year, but as the sign suggests, you get what you didn’t pay for. Merry early Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just look at the guy behind the reporter. Not only is he standing against the strong wind gusts, but he’s also giving us a thumbs up… at least, we hope it’s a thumb.

Sorry dude! You beg nicely, and Pepsi tastes delicious, but after thousands of years of being ignored, it’s going to take more than a can of soda to get them to stir Irma in the other direction.

Better watch out if you’re a looter, or your contribution to one soldier in need of counseling might be your body being used as target practice. Maybe you should just skip this house.

It’s good to see that everyone’s focus on the real threat and evacuating instead of going all political and petty. Fortunately, everyone looked out for each other and the number of casualties were minimal.